31.03. > 01.04.2023 | The First European Literary Arts Meetings | Quebec – Bruxelles (Be)

31.03. > 01.04.2023 | The First European Literary Arts Meetings | Quebec – Bruxelles (Be)

Philippe Franck (director of Transcultures) will participate in the first meetings on the literary arts which will have as theme “Practice and aesthetics in the digital age”, organized by Rhizome (Qc – long-time partners of Transcultures) and the Midis de la poésie (Be).

In the presence of around twenty participants representing structures from France, Germany, Belgium and Quebec, there will be talk of partnerships, co-production, distribution, support for creation, pooling , communication and visibility, both on a European and international scale.

Divided into various workshops throughout the day on Saturday, these themes will be addressed with a view to exchange and sharing with a group of partners working in the same cultural sector.

Resulting from a partnership between Quebec and Brussels and supported by the program of Cooperation Quebec-Wallonia-Brussels, this project aims to network our approaches and our resources, as well as a continuation of the reflection on the development of this moving sector.

After an interruption of almost two years, it must be recognized that the international context of artistic and cultural exchanges has changed. The health problems of recent years have raised essential questions in our societies. Whether it is concerns related to the climate crisis or the hegemony of digital technology which redefines the parameters of living (and creating) together, all these issues cross the literary arts sector. These meetings therefore respond to the need to recognize what binds us and to concretely set up bridges between our missions and our common challenges.

Download the full program (french)

List of participants


  • La Marelle de Marseille (Pascal Jourdana)
  • Maison internationale des écritures contemporaines (MéCA) d’Aix-en-Provence (Rozen Le Bris)
  • Centre de recherche sur les médiations (Crem) de l’Université de Lorraine à Metz (Carole Bisenius-Penin)
  • Centre Wallonie-Bruxelles de (Paris – Diane Moquet)
  • Maison de la poésie de Nantes (Magali Brazil)


  • Réseau des autrices de Berlin (Delphine De Stoutz)


  • Rhizome (Simon Dumas et Yves Doyon)


  • les Midis de la poésie / Maison Poème (Mélanie Godin et Marie Monfils)
  • La Bellone (Mylène Lauzon)
  • Passa Porta (Adrienne Nizet)
  • Transcultures – Centre des cultures numériques et sonores (Philippe Franck)
  • Les librairies TuLiTu (Ariane Herman) et Pépites Blues (Celestina Jorge)
  • Éditions le Mot / Lame (Nathaniel Molamba)
  • Les revues Sabir (Lucie Guien), Papier Machine (Valentine Bonomo) et Boustro (Pascal Leclercq)
  • Le théâtre Le Rideau (Cathy Min Jung)
  • Le Collectif Etcætera (Bastien Hauser)
  • Modul (Anne Festraets) )
  • Festival Corps de texte / Théâtre de Liège (Simon Vandenbulke et Jonathan Thonon)
  • Les poètes et artistes Laurence Vielle, Zaïneb Hamdi, Éric Therer et Fabien Maheu.