CD | Shooting stars can last – Christophe Bailleau & Friends (Int) | Optical Sound (Fr)

CD | Shooting stars can last - Christophe Bailleau & Friends (Int) | Optical Sound (Fr)

Between 2020 and 2022, Christophe Bailleau invited several sound artists/accomplices from different backgrounds and countries to contribute to electronic, hybrid, soundscape pieces. Each of them is a sonic vision of another world.

These connected collaborations, aroused within the framework of the No Lockdown Art initiative launched by Transcultures (Belgium) and the European Pepinieres of Creation (France) during the coronavirus pandemic, have built this album as a traveling constellation of audio stars.

Christophe Bailleau

After studying librarianship in Brussels, Christophe Bailleau obtained a Master in Plastic Arts at ERG (School of Graphic Research) in Brussels in 2004. Multidisciplinary artist, Christophe Bailleau has been developing an atypical musical project for more than 15 years. His compositions are based on acoustic sources (guitar, percussions, vocal sounds) triturated and mixed with concrete and domestic sounds. He thus conceives a game of waiting, silence and stormy tension.

With Philippe Franck, he operates within the group Pastoral, and plays with Billy Hasni within the combo Prism. Since 2004, his compositions have been published on various European labels (Stilll, Postcard, Annexia, Fenetre, Soundscaping, Optical Sound, Sacred phrases, Transonic…). He also produces sound poetry for radio stations and installations , he also practices photography and more recently drawing and poetry.

Finally, Christophe makes intriguing and poetic short films, recording lost moments, before or after an action, trying to capture the unspeakable. With the video-musical duo Pastoral, he takes a look that is both surreal and poetic on Walloon imaginaries and resort areas where a form of Lynchian strangeness is hidden. A DVD of his short films dating from before 2008 was published by 68/70 (Brussels) and his films have been shown in many European festivals (Rotterdam, Argos, City Sonic, Les Transnumériques, Videoformes, Dig @ ran…) . His audio and video work is also available in installation..

Videos on this album


  • Christophe Bailleau > Programming, electronics, Guitar, Mini Sax, Voice + Paradise Now > Guitar, Bass, Electronics, Eield recordings & Vocals on Track 2, 4, 5, 6, 11, 13 + Konejo Sampling on Traok 3 + Yuri Cardinal voice on Track 7, 11 + Backing vocals on Track 4 + A Limb > Electronics on Track 4, 5 + Amute > guitar on Track 6 + Bene:Luxe > Electronics and Programming on Track 6 + Prism > Noises on Track 8 + Célestin Bailleau > Synth improvisation on Track 8 + Gavin Vanaelst > Electronics And Programming on Track 9 + jules Nerbard > Programming & Sounds on track Io + Chris Farrell > Guitar on Track 1.
  • Conception/Composition/Mix > Christophe Bailleau + Executive Production > Philippe Franck + Design & Photos > ABM Studio + Mastering Norscq