08 > 12.11.2022 | Transcultures @ International Video Art Festival – FIAV 2022 | Casablanca (Ma)

08 > 12.11.2022 | Transcultures @ International Video Art Festival – FIAV 2022 | Casablanca (Ma)

The Casablanca International Video Art Festival is a large-scale multidisciplinary event, which has become an unmissable event and a national and international reference in the field of video and digital arts. Every year, it brings together, in more than 10 places in the city, artists and actors of a very wide variety, all of whom have in common the blending of the arts and new technologies.

The Casablanca International Video Art Festival is pleased to welcome to discuss these subjects artists who are precursors of generative arts, hacktivists of digital and video arts, among whom, in addition to the artists presented by Transcultures and the European Pepinieres of Creation (Marc Veyrat, Gaëtan Le Coaer, Tommy Lawson – FR, Paradise Now – BE) , Philippe Boisnard , Yann Minh, Linda Rolland, Isabelle Arvers, Alex Augier, Chloé Desmoineaux (FR), Martin Messier, Annie Pilote, Rhizome (CA), Allesandro Bavari, Dökk (IT), Kamel Ghabte, Hassan Lahrach (MA).

FIAV2022 - Press conference

Programme Transcultures
09 > 12.11.2022

The American Arts Center

  • i-REAL – Marc Veyrat (Fr)
  • AN DOMHAN Expérience – Gaëtan Le Coarer (Fr) + Tommy Lawson (Tg/Fr)
  • MATIN LUMINEUX – phase 2 – Marc Veyrat (Fr), Gaëtan Le Coarer (Fr), Paradise Now (Fr-Be), Mohamed Rachdi (Ma)

École des Beaux-Arts

  • No Lockdown Art | Audio video selection

The American Arts Center

14 > 18:00 | Masterclass: Sound arts and urban spaces _ installations and creative audio itinerancy in the city


Faculté des Lettres et Sciences Humaines Ben M’Sik 

  • 09:30 – International conference

The American Arts Center

  • 19:30 – Sonic Dreams – Paradise Now (Fr-Be) + Régis Cotentin (Fr)


Download the complete Festival program (in French)

FIAV 2022 - E-migration of the arts in the metaverse

Creative empowerment, art therapy, artistic emancipation, fighting the machine apocalypse with virtuous artistic artificial intelligences? Fetishism of the finished work and disappearance of the initiatory tekné? Who is the artist? the machine, its programmers, or its users. Towards a new definition of art as information processing. After the emergence of virtual and augmented “realities”, cryptocurrencies and NFTs, which transformed the artistic economy, 2022 is the year when so-called Deep Learning Artificial Intelligences began to invade the internet and profoundly transform the spheres of graphic and artistic creation.

New generations of artificial intelligences are spreading in cyberspace, and, in a process called creative empowerment, which was already prefigured by the first artists invited to the Casablanca video art festivals in its very beginnings, young and old generations are in the process of massively seizing these new tools to make artistic creation quickly and easily, profoundly upsetting our history of art.

It’s a real artistic, aesthetic, social and economic revolution that is happening, bigger and more disruptive than the revolution of digital tools and electronic music in the twentieth century or photography in the Nineteenth century.

Thanks to deep learning artificial intelligences and their very inexpensive popular availability by some American and European startups and major capitalist companies, millions of humans now have access to very powerful machines for exploring the depths of our textual collective unconscious. and visual, generating through their daily dialogues with these artificial creatures devoid of consciousness, an infinite profusion of exceptional artistic works extracted by the force of data-mining from the hidden depths of our cyberspace and nøøsphere.

Sound arts and urban spaces _ installations and creative audio roaming in the city - Masterclass

Philippe Franck and Tommy Lawson offer, at the request of the FIAV, a master class around their shared experiences as sound creators but also as producers/curators of projects with a sound dimension in the urban space: City Sonic (biennial of sound arts in several cities of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation since 2003) directed by Philippe Franck and Zone Libre (sound arts festival in Bastia since 2019) initiated by Tommy Lawson.

Fromc examples of itinerant  site specific works, they discuss some issues of these audio forms that connect, metamorphose, question different types of spaces of the city to make them special places invested creatively and poetically.

i-REAL - Marc Veyrat (Fr)

i-REAL is an XR hypermedia artwork, carried by artist-researcher Marc Veyrat, that mixes triggered VR environments using cards placed on a JE(U) – game board. These cards are i-REALIZED with/from the social network Instagram and uploaded/posted on Pinterest. Using these connections open worlds in VR. Clues scattered across maps, the board, social media, and in VR environments can unlock blockchain and cryptocurrency… i-REAL is constantly branching out through dissemination across multiple interconnected networks — across multiple devices/worlds — we questioning the relevance of a master of the game. An AI indeed creates alphanumeric toto-portraits from the words arranged on the i-REAL Cards. These appear through the ANT-i PLATEAU arranged under the JE(U) board like a programmed mirror of the gamers when he places a Card on the JE(U) board…. The i-cartography REAL ®-PLAYS itself constantly with the help of relations between texts and images.

During the event, the first 5 i-REAL worlds will be presented: WORLD ZERØ, WORLD 1, WORLD 2 , WORLD 4 “ALICE“ + WORLD 3 d-E+E-p_d-i+V-e

Blockchain et NFT : Matthieu Quiniou /// CiTu – Paragraphe
Conception & coding : Jonathan Juste /// Pixelpirate
Music : Paradise Now /// Transcultures

Marc Veyrat

Artist, Associate, HDR Lecturer in Art Sciences
Director Hypermedia Communication Department — Savoie Mont-Blanc University
CiTu Paragraphe Laboratory — University of Paris 8
Associate Researcher UNESCO / ITEN Chair (Innovation, Transmission, Digital Publishing)

Marc Veyrat is interested in the complexity of informational formatting — in digital, visual and contemporary art — of networking and communication strategies, in particular in Mixed Reality (XR) devices and through networks social or the web.


Sonic Dreams - Paradise Now (Fr-Be) + Régis Cotentin (Fr)

On phantasmagorical, sumptuous and dreamlike images by French videographer / director Régis Cotentin, Paradise Now, Belgian sound and intermedia creator offers a transonic and cinematic journey through vaporous and enveloping atmospheres punctuated by poetic fragments to sensitive post-songs or even to throbbing grooves.

Dureation : 45 min
In partnership with European Pepinieres of Creation and with Transcultures.

Paradise Now

Intermedia producer and creator based in Belgium, Philippe Franck has developed since the 90s the Paradise Now project which favours an actively transversal and collaborative approach. He chooses a sensitive and cinematic approach that embraces different influences and fields (electronics, sound art, post-rock, post-pop, improvised music …). He has worked closely with various international poets, choreographers, visual multimedia artists and other adventurous audio creators. Since 2005, he has also collaborated with holistic performer / masseuse Isa Belle (FR) for a series of installations and “sound” performances shown in numerous festivals, cultural centres and international events. He has also produced and participated in several records on various independent labels (Sub Rosa, Optical Sound, Tiramizu, Transonic…).


Régis Cotentin

Exhibition curator, in charge of the contemporary programming of the Palais des Beaux-Arts in Lille, Régis Cotentin has been developing, for the past twenty years, a phantasmagorical and dreamlike visual work selected in numerous international events, which favors the link between contemporary image and open electronic and contemporary music.


AN DOMHAN Expérience - Gaëtan Le Coarer (Fr) + Tommy Lawson (Tg/Fr)

An Domhan is an XR experience, mixing virtual and augmented reality through the adaptation of an Irish Celtic legend entitled The Tragic Death of the Tuireann Children. Users embody the main characters of the legend. In a black and white, contrasting and abstract universe, users are immersed in a quest combining revenge and redemption. The augmented reality user has the power to interfere with virtual reality.

This experience is augmented by a live performance by sound artist Tommy Lawson. Faced with the movements of the user in VR, Tommy Lawson remix(t)e the An Domhan experience through a soundscape anchored/anchored in the narration. It testifies significantly through sound to the experience lived by the VR user. A third user in AR is able to act and provoke the VR user and will induce. What interplay takes place between the relationship between two or three performing bodies and immersing themselves in a visual and sound universe between black, white and noise, contrasting and abstract?

The project is led by the LLSETI laboratory, and the Hypermedia Communication department of the Savoie Mont-Blanc University and is developed in partnership with Transcultures-Belgium and the European Pepinieres of Creation, Zone Libre-Bastia. Several bodies have participated in the dissemination of this project such as the French Institute, CiTu-Paragraph Laboratory of the University of Paris 8, World XR Forum. The project is currently exhibited in the official selection and in competition in 4 Italian cities during the VRE Festival 22.

Gaëtan Le Coarer

Gaëtan Le Coarer is a doctoral student in Information and Communication Sciences & Art Sciences (supervised by Ghislaine Chabert and Marc Veyrat). He holds a master’s degree in digital creation – hypermedia and intelligent spaces course and a bachelor’s degree in applied arts – design course (design and digital culture option).

His research focuses on uses and methodologies in research creation. He develops concepts from a practice of drawing, black, to open questions associated with the narrative in terms of architecturexture, and spatialization. He is the laureat of the Pépinières Européennes de Création – Wallonia-Brussels Federation residency hosted by Transcultures in the fall of 2021.


Tommy Lawson

Sound artist, sound designer, digital performer, is a producer and curator of events for the promotion of electronic music.

He develops projects combining electronic and electroacoustic music. Deeply attached to the idea of ​​transversality between the arts, he produces numerous music and soundtracks in collaboration with the plastic arts, video-art and contemporary dance.

He develops in collaboration with Armand Lesecq tools for digital audio creations and computer lutherie in the field of sound spatialization. He regularly carries out geolocated sound walks towards the public and allows them to live an augmented sound experience in connection with the intangible heritage of a territory.

He initiated the first video mappings made in Corsica with the Tunisian Design Lab collective on the occasion of the reopening of the Bastia museum in 2009 with a series of video mappings as part of the European Heritage Days.

In 2008, he created Zone Libre, a creation, production and distribution structure through which he has organized the Festival of Sound Arts since 2019, between art, science and new technologies. This event of support for creation emphasizes the development of transdisciplinary and hypermedia experiences in the field of sound and visual arts.



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The first phase of the MATIN LUMINEUX participatory project which took place in the City of Tangier during the contemporary art event “ÊTRE [ICI]” on the MATIN LUMINEUX WhatsApp stream made it possible to follow live – via this social network – the encounters with the works scattered throughout the Medina during the day of the artistic journey on September 18, 2022.

MATIN LUMINEUX (conceived by Mohamed Rachdi, Marc Veyrat, Gaëtan Le Coarer and Paradise Now) is the starting point of this work in progress imagined from the work of Mohamed Rachdi for H2 Art Contemporain, in Casablanca during the International Festival of Video Art from November 8 to 13.

Of the 9 micro-film image words extracted from the initial work, 5 i-REAL maps (multi-world VR/XR project imagined by Marc Veyrat) were i-REALIZED before ultimately being stored on Pinterest.

These 5 i-REAL cards take up Gaëtan Le Coarer’s “visual trap” imagined for his hypermedia work at the end of Master 2 and published in a book linked to the presentations of the TEXT & IMAGE 5 Colloquium.

Then, from the 9 words / images 2 were removed “TRACE” and “WALL” since these are two fundamental notions of the “MATIN LUMINEUX” device: there were therefore 7 left. These 7 images are now gathered in 1 single image eyepiece, which you discover here in thumbnail of the video.

Alongside this immersive video, 3 other micro-videos (TRACE – GARDEN – WALL) — with a soundtrack by Paradise Now — have been published on YouTube, as comments to the main video above.

Two of these 3 micro-videos are the 2 words deleted from the initial 9 of the “Library of Majnoun”; the 3rd being “JARDIN“, since the whole of this “MATIN LUMINEUX” device can be compared to a garden drawing a “Sensitive Cartography” of the interrelations bringing us together around this MATIN LUMINEUX project between Casablanca and Tangier.

During the FIAV 2022, everyone can seize this device to resituate it in and around the Casablanca International Video Art Festival, through a “Sensitive Mapping MATIN LUMINEUX” reported and visible from the WhatsApp stream…

With the support of Transcultures, European Pepinieres of Creation, FIAV and MOROCCO NUMERICA, Pixelpirate, 89/92, CiTu – Paragraphe / Université Paris8, Zone Libre, Institut Français, āto, SP3CE The NFT Gallery, KITCH3N.

Mohamed Rachdi (Ma)

Artist, art critic and exhibition curator, he is the author of several works on contemporary art and numerous essay articles in magazines, scientific journals and collective works, as well as prefaces to catalogues. As an artist, Mohamed Rachdi has made numerous exhibitions in Morocco and abroad and his works are in several collections in Morocco, the Middle East, Europe and America.

Marc Veyrat, Gaëtan Le Coarer et Paradise Now (see above)

No Lockdown Art Audio video selection

As part of the No Lockdown Art ongoing project initiated by Transcultures and the European Pepinieres of Creation during the first lockdown linked to the Covid-19 to support contemporary artistic projects likely to be broadcast online, several videos have been produced by artists (visual, sound, multimedia…) integrating the sonic and experimental dimensions in creations of various aesthetics, which escape traditional classifications and offer a poetic and alternative look on our mutant world.

Cosmic Invertebrate Mindfuck – A Limb BE, 2020, 5'03

A Limb (BE) electronic cinematic music interacts with SaveMe Oh (NL) visuals in the Second Life open space.

All was recorded live, during a streamed event, scheduled for Transcultures (as part of its ‘No Lockdown Art’ initiative), and organized by A Limb. It is a criticism of sex messages present on medias so often, and even more often during pandemic times. We are shooted more than ever with consumerist sex fucking our mind.

Related links “Coronavirus Pandemia” serial by Glasz DeCuir (ES) : First Wave – “Wash Your Hands”​  – Second Wave – “Superspreader”

Music : A Limb [soundcloud.com/a-limb]
Visual artist : SaveMe Oh [savemeoh.wordpress.com]
Filmed and edited by Glasz DeCuir [glaszdecuir.wordpress.com]

Renata K in Transonic Second Life - Glasz DeCuir (ES) - 2021 - 5'57''

Glasz DeCuir is the identity as machinima (= Computer Generated Imagery) director and screenwriter of a multi-media visual artist from San Sebastian who explores, in various ways, the art of new media and digital cinema.

Glasz DeCuir filmed and edited the images of the performance of Renata K (the experimental project of classical flutist Renata Kambarova, from Uzbekhistan) during the first edition of the Transonic Second Life Festival which took place in February 2021 at the Cat’s Club .

A dive into cyber dunes where Renata K’s avatar wanders, in the sonic sirocco, under a cosmic firmament, to meet other intriguing creatures …

With the support of Transcultures and European Pepinieres of Creation

After Covid_19, Philippe Boisnard, FR, 2020, 7’

After Covid_19 is part of the research on disaster landscapes carried out by Philippe Boisnard in recent years. This creation, achieved during the first global confinement, was made live from pure-data (graphic programming software for musical and multimedia creation in real time) in both sound and image.

This landscape and its evolution attempts to aesthetically show the emergence of the vertigo of the epidemic. Like a metaphorical vision, its crescendo is that of the psychic panic of man in the face of the surge of the pandemic.

With the support: Transcultures, European Pepinieres of Creation


Prince, John Sanborn/Commando, USA, 2020, 5’23

In the process of creating ths video, the American queer writer/performer Lynn Breedlove provided this insight into the text: “I wrote this when Prince died, about how he affected me and my pals’ personal lives by speaking up and being himself. It’s about how an artist never knows how or where their work’s gonna land, whose life they’re gonna change.

But if they make something with integrity, The World gets different….” This led her to focus on the feelings of longing and loss prompted by dealing directly with painful memories from turbulent times, and towards crucial voices, long neglected. The result is relevant, raw, and intensely intimate – a “home movie” (with a post rock soundtrack of her group Commando) of emotions confessed to camera and to the world.


Silent Noise, Tamara Lai, BE, 2020, 5’29’’

“What flavors here?” What scents now … “Nostalgia for the days before … Carelessness, freedom of movement, human warmth, nature … which the Coronavirus does not block deprives us cruelly.

This new video-poem by Tamara Laï whose images were filmed in various places and countries (Belgium, China, Scotland, Italy, Netherlands) was finalized in residency at home in Liège in the lockdown period.

Direction, writing, image and sound editing : Tamara Laï – Musique : Caroline Boë
Production : Thalamus Prod avec le soutien de Transcultures, European Pepinieres of Creation


No Lockdown Art-Exchanges/crossings selection

Visions of inside (Common Ground Project) – Kika Nicolela, BR, 2020, 8’51

Visions of inside is the first video made using the database of the Common Ground Project initiated by Kika Nicolela in April 2020 in reaction to the Covid-19 crisis. It promotes the creation of a shared database of videos, sounds and texts by worldwide artists, reflecting on the multiple issues raised by the crisis and the lockdown. Above all, the Common Ground Project’s goal is to collectively use creation as means of communion and resistance.

Kika Nicolela edited videos, sounds and texts by

Aline Yasmin & Alex Cepile, Anna Berndtson & Yingmei Duan, Anthony Siarkiewicz, Carlos Landaeta, Carlosmagno Rodrigues, Cecilia Dougherty, Christophe Litou, CRACA, Daniel Silvo, Davi Cavalcante, Gauthier Keyaerts, Gerard Chauvin,Gustavo Marcasse, Ivelina Ivanova,Isa Belle + Paradise Now, Jan Kather, John Sanborn, Jorge Lozano, Junebum Park, Katia Maciel, Kika Nicolela, Luana Lacerda, Marcia Beatriz Granero, Marina Fomenko, Mateusz Vianna, Mike Hoolboom, Mirella Brandi & Muep Etmo Nia Pushkarova, Nung-Hsin Hu, Philippe Boisnard, Phyllis Baldino, Rejane Cantoni, Samuel Bester, Sara Não Tem Nome, Simon Dumas, Simon Guiochet, Sonia Guggisberg, Susana Lopez, Ulf Kristiansen.

Coproduction : Transcultures, In progress asbl, European Pepinieres of Creation


L'incertitude (No Lockdown Drift 2), Pastoral, BE/FR, 2020, 5’09’’’

The Pastoral duo (Christophe Bailleau and Philippe Franck) offers a second part to their audio-visual correspondence started with the ‘Lockdown Drift’ video during the first containment of the Covid-19. During winter 2020-21 (second lockdown), each sent to the other images shot (real and imaginary) in their immediate environment (cities of Mons and Huy, in Wallonia-Belgium) then the common instrumental composition came in a soundtrack mixing languid guitars, sinuous bass, electronic granular flow, primitive flutes and percussions.

At first enigmatic and hazy, these sonic images / iconic sounds take us on a chiaroscuro route. In the abandoned streets and forests, strangely enchanted gardens and non-urban places, a magical presence and fleeting shadows seem to indicate to us in a space-time hesitating between night and day, signs allowing us to get out of the labyrinth of greyness and to advance towards a possible light.

Production: Transcultures, European Pepinieres of Creation


Flux & Densités, Alain Wergifosse, BE, 2020, 5’

In a set of prisms, filters and mirrors, Alain Wergifosse offers some fragments of opto-mechanical treatments on pure light and on some digital images put into video feedback.

These images and sounds come from a multi-channel video installation project in work in progress for the Vice Versa 2020-21 residency/exchange between Transcultures (BE) and La Chambre Blanche (QBC).

Production : Transcultures, La Chambre Blanche, European Pepinieres of Creation


The video material of “Prošvaistė” (meaning “Glimpse of light”) is taken from a few moments from the eponymous performance – a mix of Dzogchen, Butoh, and contemporary dance practices. Along with the movements, performers sing lamentations, play shamanic and Udu drums, and use ambient electronic music. “Prošvaistė/Glimpse of Light” was premiered at Vilnius Art Academy / Creotorium gallery, where Hasan Alp Celikel’s exhibition called “I am Shivering” was taking place. Both performance and exhibition speak about situations resulting in shivers and a search for the light that comes with it. Performers: Kotryna Žilinskaite, Kotryna Kvedarytė, Hasan Alp Celikel. Camera and light work – Samvelas Gandžumianas. Soundtrack: Kotryna Žilinskaite, Hasan Alp Celikel.

With the support of European Pepinieres of Creation, Transcultures


77 Affairs, Christophe Bailleau, BE, 2022, 3'59''

From cemeteries to celestial spheres via our screens, various mutations are connected. the face-to-face and the distancial dimensions merge. The images and colors of our fantasized lives cross the border between real and virtual… as in a dream or an endless nightmare. The connecting vibrations could perhaps bring some salvation…

With the support of Transcultures, European Pepinieres of Creation.