Album | Dans la Mogador – Thanas Kas | Transonic Label (Be)

Album | Dans la Mogador - Thanas Kas | Transonic Label (Be)

“Dans la Mogador” is the first album by nomadic sound creator Thanas Kas under his own name resulting from a European Pepinieres of Creation residency in Essaouira (Morocco) at the end of 2023.

Thanas Kas tries to reveal “states”, the fact that our bodies and minds are constantly crossed by sound, noises and music. A multi-instrumentalist, who defines himself as “chaotic and anarchic”, it is mainly exploration, research and experimentation that take precedence during his creative process…

Album | Dans la Mogador - Thanas Kas | Transonic Label (Be)

“In the presence of noise, animals adopt three strategies to make themselves heard:
– sing louder, repeat their song and shift it in key.
– The noises are the others.
– The animals are us.

But in fact, it is the opposite.
Here, in Essaouira, we become air carriers, it’s inevitable.
We can go and find it wherever we want, but it is the sea that decides its direction and not our feet. She is free and rushes into the narrow walls of the medina, with dance steps. If by chance you happen to be there, then you will be invited. As I was.

A microphone, hidden in a bag to go unnoticed, a tourist’s look, to become a shadow with long moments of waiting and deep listening… there you go, now I can almost guess it…
We spoke…his voice was soft, ancient and mystical.
In these short sound pieces, I allowed myself to fragment it. The different conversations are intimate and imbued with a certain wisdom.

Essaouira, my city of residence at the end of 2023, has two major characters and one minor: seagulls, waves and azams (prayers).
In the middle of this tension-free agreement, we breathe in deeply and exhale while laughing.” T. Kas

T. Kas

Thanas Kas (De/Al/Be)

Thanas is a Belgian multi-instrumentalist musician of German and Albanian origin. As a young teenager, he explored noise and psychedelic rock and formed the music group Antichronique with his brother Milaim, then he decided to study this art more deeply at the Jazz studio. in Antwerp and at Jazz Bxl.

Not being very satisfied with teaching and too curious to discover other music, he then traveled to Argentina, India, Mexico and studied at the National Institute of Arts in Bamako and at the School of La Dernière Trumpette in Ouagadougou in West Africa to immerse yourself in traditional music. On his return, he created the independent Brussels label Matilemstudio.

A professional drummer, he explores this instrument in more than ten groups and, more recently, practices other instruments such as acoustic guitar, percussion but also electronic treatments. He devotes himself to his solo project, Grand Than, which combines poetry, song and soundscapes.

He is also part of the world music quartet Les Frères Barezzi, the Oriental/flamenco group Rihhal Duo with Karam Al Zouhir and Guillaume Vanespen’s contemplative/meditative music project Ocean Voices Duo.


  • Transcultures, Transonic Label
  • Photo cover : Thanas Kas
  • Recorded during a creative residency at Europen Pepinieres of Creation in Essaouira (Morocco) in December 2023.