27.05.2024 | Workshop : MONOLOVE, Dancing with Centaurs – Giorgos Nikopoulos (Gr) | 3AI Colloque (Corfou – Gr)

27.05.2024 | Workshop : MONOLOVE, Dancing with Centaurs – Giorgos Nikopoulos (Gr) | 3AI Colloque (Corfou – Gr)

The audience will encounter the story and the characters of MONOLOVE as well as with a variety of transformations of the characters. There will also be a special acting introduction to character nonverbal expression and physical language, as well as the basic guidelines of Motion Capture acting through specific exercises.

After this warming up with the idea of these very characters and the acting guidelines of physical expression (12 principles of animation, Lecoq’s physical theater, mask acting) the digital characters will be projected on screen. Selected users will have the opportunity to animate them in real time by wearing the Motion Capture Suits (Smart Suit Pro 2).

During the final stage (where the actual performance takes place) there will be a short demonstration/performance of the methodology used by the researcher Giorgos Nikopoulos, animating different body types.

*(The avatars as well as the optional digital environments will be already set up in Unity and Rokoko Studio in order to give the opportunity to the spectators to easily immerse their selves into the MONOLOVE universe.)

Giorgos Nikopoulos (Gr)

Giorgos Nikopoulos was born in Katerini (Northern Greece). He studied Audio and Visual Arts at the Ionian University where he specialized in animation and performing arts.

He has worked as a theater actor and as assistant director to Dimos Avdeliodis (2010-2013).

In 2014 he founded Baubo Productions and made his first animation short film ”Butter Bunny and his Grape Must Cookies”. In October 2013 he started doctoral studies at the Department of Audio and Visual Arts at the Ionian University, working on a thesis about the affinities between animation and shadow puppetry.


3AI Symposium – L ’Art à l’ère de l’Intelligence artificielle #2

The second 3AI follows the same line as the 1st “3AI” was held in La Louvière in Belgium on 27-28 April 2023 and was organised by Transculutures (Centre of Digital and Sound Arts, Belgium) and CiTU-Paragraphe (University Paris 8, France).

It observes that an increasing number of artworks are now inspired by or produced with advanced technologies mainly influenced by generative AI, deeply infused at the very heart of the artworks. Such development interrogates the notion of Art, including the artist and the definition of artistic approach.

It also questions how artworks are discovered, exchanged, collected, and preserved. The advent of increasingly advanced digital technologies provokes profound philosophical and ethical inquiries.

These ongoing transformations across artistic, cultural, economic, political, and professional realms seem to be long-lasting, with implications that have started to resonate within society.

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