Newsletter september 2012 #1 – City Sonic 2012

Newsletter september 2012 #1 – City Sonic 2012

The sound art festival goes on after a great solo concert by Rodolphe Burger. You are invited to a Sonic Mix Party in Mons on September 7, performances in private gardens for the Sonic Garden Party on Sunday 9, a multimedia concert “Pixellations” by ChampdAction & reFLEXible on September 12,… In Huy, City Sonic participates to the Biennale of contemporary Arts “Dédale” and in Brussels (at L’iselp) the exhibition “L’oreille interne (a spectral recollection)” goes on successfully.

City Sonic @ Dédale – Huy
Biennale des arts contemporains – sound itinerary in the city
Huy > départ / start > Centre culturel de l’arrondissement de Huy
07.09 > 06.10 – vernissage /opening 06.09 – 19:00


For its 10th anniversary, City Sonic takes part to the Biennale of contemporary arts, Dédale organised by the cultural centre of Huy, with an itinerary of sound installations in the centre of this nice city featuring works by Eric Van Osselaer (+François Cys, Philippe Dehaspe), Colin Ponthot, Gauthier Keyaerts, Christophe Bailleau, Sonja Schleiter, Philippe Cavaleri + Jonathan de Winter, Stéphane Kozik + Perrine Joveniaux, Olivier Bovy, Sonja Scheitler, Philippe Cavaleri, Jonathan De Winter et Marie Foidart, Antoine Van Impe, Jules Nerbard…+ electronic picnic for the opening on September 6 with short concerts by Philippe Cavalieri, Jules Nerbard, Gauthier Keyaerts, Christophe Bailleau.

Sonic Mix
Rebeka Warrior dj set Sexy Sushi + Digital Breakfast
Täos + Get Mad Crew
Mons > Maison Folie/Salle des Arbalestriers > 21:00 + Bateau Ivre 23:00


Digital breakfast (Arnaud Eeckhout & Stéphane Kozik) is a funny innovative performance using breakfast tools as instruments creating a surreal dada sonic atmosphere. Rebeka Warrior, singer of the French electroclash duet Sexy Sushi will then propose an energetic DJ set also at Maison Folie. Then let’s electro dance at Bateau Ivre(Grand Place) with Täos and Get Mad (Jo Le Terrible + Titaneye).

Production: City Sonic, in the framework of Espace(s) Son(s) Hainaut(s) project supported by European funds Feder-Interreg IV France-Wallonie-Vlanderen.

Sonic Garden Party
Margardi Guia + Ordinaire + Eric Van Osselaer
Mons > Rendez-vous à / meet at la Chapelle, 5 rue des Telliers

In a friendly and bucolic atmosphere, Sonic Garden Party features short performances by Ordinaire (Eric Therer-sound poetry + Stephan Ink/Elephant Leaf-music), Orgabits / Eric Van Osselaar (music for fruits and vegetables) and Margarida Guia (audio-poetic set) in nice private gardens of the Mons Belfry district.

Production: City Sonic, in the framework of Espace(s) Son(s) Hainaut(s) project supported by European funds Feder-Interreg IV France-Wallonie-Vlanderen.

Mons > Théâtre Le Manège > 20:00


Musiques Nouvelles present this multimedia show (premiered at City Sonic) featuring pieces of the 60s and 70s by American major unclassical composer James Tenney played by Ensemble ChampdAction and images by pioneer digital artist Lilian Schwartz.

Coproduction : Le manège.mons/ Musiques Nouvelles – City Sonic – ChampdAction – In collaboration with le FEDER in the framework of the program ESH-Interreg IV France-Wallonie-Vlaanderen

exhibitions still going on
City Sonic#10
Parcours d’art sonore en ville – sound itinerary in the city
Mons > Depart / start : Salle Saint-Georges – Grand Place

city-sonic_parcours-sonore_transcultures-2012Baudouin Oosterlynck, Douglas Henderson, Etienne Bultingaire, Charlemagne Palestine , Arnaud Paquotte, Christina Kubisch , Emmett Williams, Max Neuhaus, Alexander Mc Sween , Gauthier Keyaerts , Christophe Bailleau, Christian Rizzo, Edith Dekyndt, Frank Smith+Philippe Langlois+Dis Voir, Peter M. Friess,…

L’oreille interne (a spectral recollection)
Julien Sirjacq
Bruxelles > l’Iselp


French visual artist Julian Sirjacq gives a personnal interpretation of found archives of conductor Boris de Vinagrodov mixing cinetic painting, silkscreens, spectral/electro acoustic music and obsolete technologies. For this installation/exhibition, Transcultures/City Sonic produced an audio cassette with revisitations by young musicians and also a book (limited edition designed by The Bells Angels) featuring the archives as well as new essays and interviews.

Curators: Anne-Laure Chamboissier + Philippe Franck.
Production: Transcultures in partnership with L’iselp, thanks à l’Ambassade de France à Bruxelles

Check the new City Sonic website (in partnership with for more info on the festival and special interviews, blog dedicated to sound art…and more soon!