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Cassette audio Solstices – Publications Transonic Label

Cassette audio Solstices – Publications Transonic Label

Dedicated to the longest day of the year, ‘Solstices” gathered on 18 June 2016, various places in the small village of Fontin (Wallonia), for a night of concerts, performances, lectures and visual interventions.

This audio cassette (limited edition 150 copies) is the trace of this sonorous and poetic journey. In addition to excerpts from the live recordings (Radio Prague in a nocturnal song, Maurice Charles JJ on sax playing solo in a church and also with Isa Belle + Paradise Now – Tibetan bowls+bells+electronics, Christophe Bailleau and his celestial waves, Mudan in a vibrant monastic monochrome , Sebastien STH Biset in a self-harp and harmonium bucolic piece, Ross Heslton in a minimal blues, Pascal Leclerq in a poetic haiku), it features additional contributions of artists invited to complete this selection (Jaloux Merde – strange synthetic spoken word, Les Ours Bipolares – Bipolar Bears / Werner Moron – text and Philippe Franck – guitar and an introduction by Eric Therer, organizer of this sonic.magic event).


Production : Transonic Label (Transcultures), Eastern Belgium At Night