04.05.2017 – Transonic night #3 : “Poésies Soniques” – Cellule 133a Bruxelles

04.05.2017 – Transonic night #3 : “Poésies Soniques” – Cellule 133a Bruxelles

Transcultures and its alter label Transonic offer an evening dedicated to “Sound poetry” as part of the Brussels indie festival Nuits du Beau Tas (on the rhizome theme). It opens with an audiovisual performance of the young French artist Johana Beaussart “Idiome (modulation of a lapsus)” which proposes “some notions and thoughts of the beginning of this century approaching a technique of ancestral thinking “. The duo & Stuff (Eric Therer, texts – Paradise Now, electro, vocal and guitar treatments) play with the daily abstraction of our consumer and hypercontrol society.

The evening will end with an improvisation by Ours bipolaires (Bipolar bears) mixing libertarian texts written and interpreted by Werner Moron with soundscapes created live by Philippe Franck (electronics, guitar) and Isa Belle (Tibetan & Vietnamese bowls, gong, bells). Between the various performances, Transonic invites Gauthier Keyaerts (aka The Aktivist) to create short live pieces mixing various spoken word sources and organic sounds.


Transcultures in partnership with NBT – Nuits du Beau Tas