17.10.2017 > 30.06.2018 | RHIZOMatics par Franck Soudan et Art2.Network

17.10.2017 > 30.06.2018 | RHIZOMatics par Franck Soudan et Art2.Network

With the sounds, vibrations, words and images, tactile and sensory experiences, rediscover the streets and squares of Louvain-La Neuve with your smartphone.

Last August, the students/participants of the writing workshop “Write for the digital” (given by French author Belinda Cannone), invented words, fragments of texts and sentences, inspired by their wanderings in the city. This content was then integrated into a dedicated digital application, developed by the artist programmer Franck Soudan, specialist in new forms of territory developed with digital technologies. An unprecedented and astonishing cartography emerged from their joint work. The ensemble creates a sound and multisensory stroll (including a sound data bank created by Philippe Franck) that transforms our traditional perception of the city. A poetic and hypermedia experience to try with his family, at his own rhythm, smartphone in hand, to discover Louvain-la-Neuve otherwise, at the edge of the imagination.

Whether it is to discover a city by capturing and rendering its acoustic footprint or delivering the historic and / or heritage paste of a neighborhood through the recording of local testimonies or scholarly readings, this type of immersive course and the more intimate construction incorporates, to varying degrees, a scriptural work as well as an interactive sound creation effort; the objective being to enrich the sensitive relation of the spectator to the lived dimension of a natural or anthropized space.


  • Production : Transcultures, UCL Culture in partneship with the Lettres en voix association
  • Project managers Transcultures : Jacques Urbanska, Philippe Franck
  • Artists : Franck Soundan, Philippe Franck avec l’aide de Jacques Urbanska
  • Project managers UCL : Frédéric Blondeau, Myriam Watthee, Aline Aulit
  • Texts : Students of Louvain-la-Neuve (workshop of Belinda Cannone)