21 > 25.10.2018 | Sound Art Workshop #2 @ Timisoara

21 > 25.10.2018 | Sound Art Workshop #2 @ Timisoara

At the invitation of Levente Kosma, director of the Simultan Festival, Raymond Delepierre (sound artist, sound engineer, technical director at the Rideau de Bruxelles, teacher) and Philippe Franck (artistic director of Transcultures, City Sonic, sound artist and teacher) propose -at Simultan’s office- a second workshop (on sound digital editing and treatments)- for young Romanian sound and multimedia artists.

The outcome of the workshops organised at Simultan office will give the content of the Secondary Sonic Space collective installation shown at the Experimentarium of Timisoara.

Participants : Alex Boca, Florin Fâra, Lera Keleman, Levente Kozma, Simina Oprescu, Alin Rotariu


Conception/coordination : Raymond Delepierre, Philippe Franck

Production : Simultan, Transcultures with the support of Timisoara 2021