10-2018 | Revue Inter, art actuel #130 – Apocalypse

10-2018 | Revue Inter, art actuel #130 – Apocalypse

The new issue of the review ‘Inter, art actuel’ (Québec) offers various points of view on the notion of apocalypse. Apocatastasis: we walk, we almost touch. Disasters are multiplying, closer and more disastrous. Our time has become a mad rush to plunder of resources, waste of human lives, to the mistakes of an economy that knows only bitterness at the expense of an oligarchy.

We are witnessing an acceleration of progress and consumption, proportional to the degradation of the environment, to the collapse of our survival systems. This precipitation is blind, yet we are sometimes given glimpses of how things will end. It is such insights and other scenarios that shift the perspectives that are gathered in this issue, artists and poets proposing a scenography of the end.

Contributors to this issue include Jean-Luc André, Paul Ardenne, Laurence Beaudoin Morin, Louise Boisclair, Martin Bureau, Isabelle Clermont, Pereira Collective, Mélissa Correia, Nathalie Côté, Michel de Broin, Mildred Duran, Lauranne Faubert-Guay, Marie Claude Gendron, Rebz Hamilton, Joel Hubaut, Lydie Jean-Dit-Pannel, Istvan Kantor, Michael La Chance, Helen Matte, Charles Pennequin, Alain-Martin Richard, Genevieve Roy, Victoria Stanton, Sylvie Tourangeau, Teresa Wennberg.

One can also find chronicles by Philippe Franck (Inter correspondent for Belgium) around the last and bright poetic collection of Montreal writer Chantal Neveu “La vie radieuse’ (published by La peuplade) and the beautiful editorial and graphic collective book ‘Espaces de savoir’ (Presses of Laval University). Also Eric Therer reviewing the latest CD Transonic releases (compilation ‘City Sonic 2016-2017,’ the album ‘Migrations’ by Paradise Now).