15.11.2018 | Body Digital sounds interactions @ LUMEN #3

15.11.2018 | Body < > Digital sounds interactions @ LUMEN #3

This meeting offers an introduction to the most singular and diverse artistic approaches and audio researches, inviting participants to make their curiosity audible and their listening active. Several artists from different backgrounds, are invited to present their exploratory process illustrated by a selection of their works around the theme ‘Body / digital sound interactions’. For several years, the body has been increasingly solicited by interactive digital devices that can take various hybrid forms (installations, performances, connected works …).

These allow the participant – creator or visitor – to become physically active by triggering sounds processed according to several variables and exploring sensory, new techno-artistic worlds. The body then becomes a true multimedia instrument putting gesture at the center of the creative process.

A meeting organized in partnership with Transcultures, moderated by Philippe Franck (director of Transcutures and City Sonic Festival) with the participation of Stéphanie Laforce (sound / intermediary musician-creator), Todor Todoroff (composer, digital artist), Cendres la Rouge (director/member of French collective Métalus à chahuter ), Maxime Van Roy (student at the school of visual arts of Mons Arts2).

After the presentation-discussions, Stéphane Laforce offers, at the Center of Puppetry, a performance in her sound and interactive device Ce qui nous lie (What binds us – supported by Transcultures).


Partnership Maison de la Marionette/Transcultures

*visual : Todor Todoroff & Laura Colmenares Guerra – eVanescens project 2012