14 > 30.03.2019 – Videoformes International Media arts Festival 2019

14 > 30.03.2019 – Videoformes International Media arts Festival 2019

Transcultures and the European Pepinieres of Creation propose for the festival Videoformes 2019, an audio-video selection that emphasizes the link between the sound and visual dimension put here on an equal footing, but also the relation to urbanity (or its naturalist opposite) contemporary and a poetic look for resistance to violence and the madness of the world.

This programme of AV works by hybrid creators is curated by Philippe Franck (director of Transcultures-Belgium and Transcultures Europe-Pepinieres of Creation).

Alex Bocca Bela Timi (Ro – 2018)
Black-and-white images of the split screen to portrait the urban life of  Timisoara,  interacting with Paradise Now soundtrack that pays tribute to Bela Bartok.

Tamara Lai GAPS (Be- 2014)
This is the third episode of an unlimited series of experimental road movies highlights, but as in passing, offsets, cracks, fractures, emptiness … at work in our modern lives.

Christophe Bailleau La couverture (mélomane) (BelFr – 2018)
A video (on a track of Bailleau’s new album Firebird) that staged, in a colourful and enigmatic way a character covered with a blanket that evolves in natural or semi-urban landscapes to finally take us to another dimension.

Pastoral  L’échappée belle (Be/Fr – 2018)
Poetic or humorous sketches intertwine to take us on a ballad to the sweet madness, derives from a provincial surreal daily environment (soundtrack from the eponymous of the Pastoral duet).

Natalia de Mello Foundation (Pt – 2016)
A poetic video echoing this meditative audio universe of Isa Belle + Paradise Now & Maurice Charles JJ, with naturalistic shots, organic materials and still portraits of the sound artists.

Stéphane Kozik Strange meeting in an empty space (Be – 2013)
Stéphane Kozik ventured to an area where the vultures gather in Aragon, installed sensors and cameras to imagine a performance with Hungarian dancer Julia Hadi.

Paradise Now Trans Travelling Blues (Migrations#7) (Be/Cid – 2018)
This slow video travelling is made only from paintings from the Migrations series by Ivorian visual artist Jacobleu for whom Belgian/French sound producer Paradise Now was invited to compose a series of organic soundscapes.

Régis Cotentin, Slyder (Fr – 2019 – premiere)
A disorder wins the spirit of a survivor. The song of the chimeras of the past pushes him towards the black of his mental screen, but a surprise awaits him when he spots the vanishing point of his memory … mirroring as it mirrors the present … and the journey continues.


Transcultures in partnership with the Pépinières Européennes de Création