08.12.2015 – Lecture Philippe Baudelot : Digital and implicative arts…

08.12.2015 – Lecture Philippe Baudelot : Digital and implicative arts…

Digital and implicative arts, from digital to physiological

Philippe Baudelot (semiotician, curator and consultant in digital arts) presents the lasted developments of immersive and implicative arts. The body is involved as a whole, sometimes against its will, consciously or not. The frontal relation to the work is transgressed and place the living individual at its center. From performance to installation and innovative forms, they explore and exploit physiological experience in our society where, technology and the virtual mode are pillars of reality, both liberators and binding. T

His conference will address the historical aspects of this movement, which has its distant roots in the eighteenth century. It has become a concern of many artists and has flourished with the digital arts. It will outline the technological and physiological processes implemented. Lastly, Philippe Baudelot will present and analyze some important digital works of the past 10 years.

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