02.12.2016 – F.O.O.R. – Forum Ouvert Oeuvres et Recherches

02.12.2016 – F.O.O.R. – Forum Ouvert Oeuvres et Recherches

Since 2010, numerous collaborations between artists and researchers have emerged, creating significant advances in the activities of these two communities. The event FOOR – Open Forum Works & Researches, organized on 2 December at LILLIAD learning center innovation (campus of the University of Lille – Sciences and Technologies) aims to build a first assessment of more than 5 years of Art/Science projects -Technologies between the North of France and Belgium, but above all to prepare the future and open discussions on a strategy of sustainability. The afternoon (featuring presentations and round tables on various issues of the collaboration between artists and researchers/laboratoires) will be devoted to the production and dissemination of works.

After this day of reflection, FOOR invites the participants to  the Fresnoy, national studio of the contemporary arts (Tourcoing) to visit the exhibition Panorama at 6:30 pm in the presence of the artist Gwendal Sartre and the research partners of his work J’ai gravé dans ses cheveux, then ends with the evening  Ivresse Digitale at 8pm featuring performances by (Junkai Chen, Regina Demina (Alma), Noé Grenier/Gwendal Sartre/Akiko Okumura + films Gli elefanti di Annibale by Laura Haby, Focus on Infinity by Mathilde Lavenne, TACT by Thibaud Le Maguer.


Organisation Lille 1 – Cristal – Le Fresnoy