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  • New CD 48 Cameras + Scanner dans le cadre de M4m

    In the framework of the European project M4m (m for mobility), Transcultures is pleased to announce the upcoming release of the CD We would bring you silk in May (Interzone) which is the outcome of a new collaboration which began several months ago between London electronic musician Robin Rimbaud aka Scanner and 48 Cameras,  an internationalist combo featuring talented musicians […]
  • Transcultures @ M4m Forum in Prague @Ponec – 14 > 16.04.2013 – Performances > 16.04.2013 – 21.00

    M4m (M for mobility) – is an European project initiated by the European Pépinières for young artists (co-organised by Tanec Praha/Czech Republic, Workshop Foundation/Hongria, Serde/Latvia, Pépinières européenes pour jeunes artistes/France, Déjà Donné/Italia, Transcultures/Belgium) whose objective is to contribute to the mobility of young interdisciplinary artists and professionals of culture. The M4m Forum in Prague organized by Tanec Praha (leader of […]
  • Impala Utopia – Residency M4m – Transcultures – April 2013 – Mons

    The Impala Utopia group is composed of 4 young French artists/sound and multimedia designers, welcomed in residence by Transcultures within the framework of the European project M4m (M for mobility), supported by the Culture Programme 2007-2013 of the European Commission. The main objective of their residency is to work on a new version of their mobile device Bumpers (triporteur with […]
  • Lectures and workshops – european project M4m – “De la Culture aux Industries Créatives” – 14 et 15 mars 2013

    Invitation to participate to the M4m workshop@Transcultures-Mons From culture to creative industries: which mutations for the artistic production? 14+15 March 2013 Join the Facebook Event    Download the brochure We would be happy to welcome you on Thursday, March 14 – 10.30am at Mundaneum, 76 rue de Nimy – Mons (see detailed schedule below) and on Friday, March 15 – 9.30am […]
  • New open #Call(s) : 2 residencies : M4M @ TRANSCULTURES Mons + M4m PARIS

    NEW OPEN CALL > DIGITAL ARTS RESIDENCY M4m (M for mobility) at TRANSCULTURES 3 > 17 MARCH 2013 DEADLINE to send your application > 11th FEBRUARY 2013 Transcultures, Interdisciplinary Center for Sound and Digital Cultures (Artistic Director: Philippe Franck) is born in 1996 in order to promote and develop crossings between contemporary artistic practices and arts/society/technology stakes; focusing in particular […]
  • Opening Monday 04 February 2013 : Tentative d’épuisement d’un lieu montois (creation) de Mauro Vitturini (M4M project)

    Mons > La Médiathèque > 18:30 In the framework of the European project M4m (M for mobility) which aims to facilitate creative exchanges between young professionals of culture, the Italian composer and multimedia artist Mauro Vitturini will premiere an installation which presents a study on Mons through the means of sound and on sound itself. Some recordings taken in Mons during […]
  • M4m residency Mauro Vitturini Aquarium – 21.01.2013 > 03.02.2013

    MONS > TRANSCULTURES For the first artist residency of the European project M4m at Transcultures, the installation project of the Italian artist Mauro Vitturini was selected. Leaving between London and Rome, Mauro Vitturini is especially interested in language, urban space and sound. In his Aquarium he isolated the actions and redefine things and free the perception from pre conceived ideas […]
  • Pao Paixao – Fukushima, a Web Story

    In December, Pao Paixao, film director, performer and intermedia artist complete his 3 months residency European Pépinières for young artists at Transcultures. The purpose of this residency in Mons is the exploration of the material and the construction of a narrative framework for the creation of a web documentary on the Fukushima nuclear disaster. This essential material is drawn from […]
  • Newsletter April 2013

    After the residencies of multi artists without borders and the workshop around the passage of the questioned notion of “culture” to the trendy “creative industries” at the Mundaneum and Numediart (University of Mons), the European M4m (M for mobility) project, co-organized by Transcultures, is ending in Prague in mid-April with a forum inviting all the M4m participants from different countries. […]
  • Newsletter March 2013

    In March, Transcultures shows the result of the last interdisciplinary residencies of the European project M4m (M for mobility) in Mons and organizes a workshop in this context questioning the links between culture and creative industries. We are also invited by the festival Ars Musica to present City Sonic installations and by the Month of the Poetry in Quebec for […]
  • Newsletter February 2013

    In February, Transcultures will organise several Sonic Kids workshops and lectures on various new hybrid artistic approaches for the students. The result of the first M4m (M for mobility) artist residency (Mauro Vitturini) will be presented to the public in Mons while a second M4m call for proposal has been launched. 04.02.2013 Mauro Vitturini Tentative d’épuisement d’un lieu montois Mons > […]
  • Newsletter January 2013

    No doubt that 2013 will be a challenging year, and even more for the alternative culture! The socio-economical-cultural mutations we have to face in this multi crisis demand new forms of solidarity in order to avoid blindness and withdrawal. This month, Transcultures is happy to start its 1st M4m artist residency in Mons. This new European project which aims to […]
  • Newsletter December 2012

    The year 2012 has been particularly dense for Transcultures with the organization of the Biennale for digital cultures Les Transnumériques and the 10th edition of the international sound festival City Sonic and other European projects. In the uncertainty of the budgets for culture here and elsewhere which require new forms of solidarity and economy, we will try to redefine with […]