Newsletter June 2013

Newsletter June 2013

The sun is finally there to encourage us to get over the issues of a crisis not only of means but of meaning and to make shine the everyday life again and so here we are, already in the festival period; City Sonic is invited at Les Folies in Maubeuge and Bobvan’s will premiere a new impressive immersive installation in the funicular lift of Strépy Thieu, in the framework of the Biennale ARTour. The trans artists happily invite us to go out of ourselves !

07 > 09.06.2013
City Sonic@les Folies

Maubeuge > centre ville (several locations)


The Festival “Les Folies” organized by Le manège.mons in Maubeuge (France) offers a «carte blanche» to City Sonic, international festival of sound arts initiated by Transcultures and co-produced by le manège.mons, with a selection of « homemade » productions and artists: wandering of funny and outdoor installations, workshops for kids and surprising performances for both ears and eyes. An itinerary of installation takes place around the Vauban place. Impala Utopia presents ‘Eol Force 5′, an electronic installation and aesthetic critique of energy and machinery, and ‘Bumperfreak’, a crazy DJ vehicle that invites the public to dance and the musicians and djs to take part to the mix. Cedric Sabato, a young artist Inventor musician from Mons, offers ‘Herbal Ghetto’, four turntables controlled by a weather station and responding in real time according to natural elements. Following Julien Toussaint and Guy Constant, the visitors discover ‘L’antre sonore’, a funny caravan full of electroacoustic creation built with objects from the chaos of wastes, sensors, filters and amplifiers. François Cys (Evolplay) invites the visitor to play with his “espaces cyclophones”, constituted of several bikes transformed in processed sound output mode in which the motor energy is the muscle strength.

City Sonic@Les Folies offers also several Sonic Kids workshops lead by Arnaud Eeckhout and Emilien Baudelot (‘Electronic Music’, an initiation to assisted by computer music), Perrine Joveniaux (‘La nature en musique’ where kids create their own, original and organic instruments), Julien Toussaint et Guy Constant and their ‘Antre sonore’ (to create crazy sounds). This funny wandering is completed by performances such as ‘Transonic live bowls’ lead by Isa Belle, Gauthier Keyaerts and Paradise Now, playing with harmonizing cristal bowls and live electronic-vocal-guitar treatments to make lying people around them vibrating. Evolving from the legacy of “land art” analogic findings, electronic music and sound design, ‘Livescape’ (Stéphane Kozik and Perrine Joveniaux) is a poetical and innovating performance.

  • Installations 07 > 09.06 > centre ville (around place Vauban)
  • Livescape performance > 07.06 > 10:00 > behind La Maison Folie, Place Vauban
  • Transonic Live Bowls 08.06 > 4PM & 7PM > behind La Maison Folie, Place Vauban
  • Info + Sonic Kids
    Info : – 0(033)
    Info City Sonic @Folies 2013 : /

Isa Belle + Paradise Now
Sound Massages

Bruxelles  > Halles de Schaerbeek – Supervoisins


In the context of the « Supervoisins » event organised by Les Halles de Schaerbeek in Brussels, Isa Belle + Paradise Now propose sweet sound massages introducing to the organic body-sound relationship. One can discover the benefits and physical properties of sound and the use of “singing bowls” (ancestral Tibetan bowls et crystal bowls) and essential oils…a sacred moment!

Production : Transcultures

  • Free entry
  • Les Halles de Schaerbeek, 22 rue Royale Sainte-Marie, B-1030 Bruxelles
  • +32 (0)2 218 21 07 –

ARTour (opening)
Bobvan Offspring

Strepy Thieu > ascenseur funiculaire > 13:00


In the framework of the ARTour, biennale of contemporary art and patrimony (theme of this ninth edition: metamorphosis) organised by the Centre de la Région Centre in several locations, Bobvan (Belgian multimedia artist, electronic musician) presents through ‘Offspring’ his artistic vision of eternity, cosmic order, universe, life and humanity and asks us: what will our Offspring look like? This immersive installation takes place at the funicular lift in Strepy Thieu (between Mons and La Louvière, Belgium), an interface between two levels of channels inscribed in a entirely changed/ made by human, and entirely artificial landscape. With ‘Offspring’, the visitor enters into an dreamy and cosmic world, bewitched and wrapped by the music in the room; he can discover pictures of galaxies in rotation on a big screen, reflecting themselves over a pool, he also discovers cyborg babies and « buddies-masks-ancestors » going up or down when a boat is lifted.

Coproduction : Fédération du Tourisme de la Province de Hainaut ASBL, Centre culturel régional du Centre, Transcultures. In collaboration with Les Voies d’Eau du Hainaut ASBL, le SPW et la SOFICO.