16>17-04-2014 – Workshop Nomades Numériques : Net Art overview – Jacques Urbanska

16>17-04-2014 – Workshop Nomades Numériques : Net Art overview – Jacques Urbanska

Gifs, mème Internet, Neenart, glitch, art(s) & network(s)…

Quiévrain > Maison des Jeunes

The “digital nomads” workshops are part of the European project nomade initiated by the manège.mons, le phénix (Valenciennes) and the Manège of Maubeuge. They offer in the region of Mons Borinage, workshops introducing beginners and curious to various creative digital practices .Since the birth of the Internet , many creators have chosen this medium to explore its limits, hijack or redefine its purpose. From animated images which are making the buzz to connected interactive installations including developments of mobile applications or multiple on & off line exhibitions… the explorers of these new territories are today very active online communities, which question the notions of work of art, copyright, connected objects, security or guarantee of equal treatment of all data flows on the Internet.

Through a funny and engaging workshop (combining exploration and experimentation), the media artist Jacques Urbanska (arts-numeriques.info) will present a panel of creators, of artworks and original tools which provide a solid basis for investigation. The aim is to allow participants to continue by themselves this exploration of a different, innovative, invigorating and bold Web.

In the framework of Espace(s) Son(s) Hainaut(s) / FEDER Interreg IV France-Wallonie-Vlaanderen
Production : manège.mons / Transcultures