22 > 23.11.2021 | Rituel|le LEVANIÅ – Michaël Grébil | Concert @ Project(ion) Room Bruxelles (Be)

22 > 23.11.2021 | Rituel|le LEVANIÅ – Michaël Grébil | Concert @ Project(ion) Room Bruxelles (Be)

Transcultures is happy to have been associated with “Rituel / le Levania”,  a unique transmusical creation initiated and carried by Michaël Grebil Liberg, despite the postponements and particular difficulties, in complicity with the Senghor- Etterbeek Cultural Center (and more particularly Céline Rallet -Programmer of classical, contemporary and dance music).

Rituel Le LEVANIÅ p, Black Earth ... raise it, down

Bridal eclipse ritual for voice, violin, taiko, mirrored voice & tape

Michaël|le Grébil Liberg – composition, dramaturgy, scenography
Tsubasa Hori – Taiko,
Clara Levy – violon & alto, Anouk Molendijk – voice
Els Van Laethem – mirrored voice

“The question of dramaturgy and representation is a key point. If we are talking about ritual, and more precisely about magic ritual, then the question of space and its scenography is of paramount importance for the success of this enterprise. This music is intended as an event that takes on its full dimension in the moment of the present of its performance. It would be like a unique and rare meeting, like the meeting of a solar eclipse, a syzygy between several large cosmic bodies. And in the cosmic analogy, the stage, the stage would be like a space where the same drama takes place. And so, it would then be a conjunction of small bodies, the musicians of the lunar ritual, and the public united. The representation on the ground is that of a large circle, in which there is a double spiral on which the musicians move in the opposite direction between each phase, each part. The percussionist is the anchor point, the hub of a cosmic wheel and is located in the perfect middle of this spiral theater. This is an essential point that is at stake in Rituel|le Levaniå….

The dramaturgy of space and its musical impact is one of the important questions in my poetic work. The question of the spatialization of the performers themselves and the impact of their movements and the question of perception therefore for the listener. And thus, at the same time revealing the question of inscription in the present tense, testing the Real. In this rhizome of inner research is the point of connection, which connects everything in its subjectivity: The work on analogy and the correspondences emanating from the associations of our Unconscious, always quick to reveal images, visions.

There is therefore particular care, attention, a scenographic, theatrical and dramaturgical awareness instead of resonating with the music, a psychogeography of the moment. This is even found written in the manuscript as an integral part of the composition”.

Michaël Grébil

Michaël Grébil Liberg

artist of multiple facets whose research manifests through music as a composer, improviser and performer, and also in the production of poetic and visual essays. On stage he explores solo music, from the medieval repertoire to contemporary, experimental & electroacoustic music, performer and improviser in different repertoires from the music of Guillaume de Machault to the music of Morton Feldman and John Cage or Brian Eno.

He regularly collaborates as an interpreter with ensembles such as Hesperion XXI (Jordi Savall), Alla Francesca (Brigitte Lesne, Pierre Hamon) or Servir Antico (Catalina Vicens). As a composer, he explored once sound dramaturgy for Dance and Theater, notably with Michel Vinaver, Gilone Brun, Clyde Chabot or Opiyo Okach.

Today, he is searching his own path and creates musical, poetic and cinematographic objects. His last visual essay has been invited to be shown at film festivals in Granada and Genoa. All these inner alchemical worlds gathers in a sort of talismanic & ritual workshop which he calls “the Inner Chapel Initiative”, where he meditates on the nature of Time, the depths of the Unconscious, the unicity of things rather than their mechanical reproduction, and seeks an aura to save in this world, seeking in a mirror the secret and inverse flower of alterity.