20>23-03-2014 – Exposition spamm.be – Mobile Awards Art(s) & Network(s) – Festival VIA 2014

20>23-03-2014 – Exposition spamm.be – Mobile Awards Art(s) & Network(s) – Festival VIA 2014

Exposition spamm.be + Mobile Awards 2014-Art(s) & Network(s) + présentations/ateliers ouvert découverte du Net Art

Launched by Transcultures at the occasion of Transnomades 2013 (Quinzaine Numériques of the Federation Wallonia- Brussels), the Mobile Awards – Art(s) & Network(s) intend to stimulate the online artistic creation giving it greater visibility . The 2014 edition are focused to artworks created to be broadcasted via the web and displayed on a screen (gifs/glitches, Neen Art, memes, web platforms…).

  • The winners of the Mobile Awards 2014 exhibited at VIA in a gallery of the Maison Fole are

  • Fabien Zocco (Fr): mixing computing programming and electronics, sound, image or objects, the artistic work of Fabien Zocco focuses on our technological contemporaneity. .
  • Jim Punk (anonymous): prolific and anonymous web artist since the early 2000s, he participated in many festivals around the world.
  • The m0us310n.net / mon3y.us project: an independent initiative put together by the anonymous curator ‘Vasily Zaitsev’ to promote and support Net Art & Digital Art.

Associated with these Mobile Awards 2014 and Festival VIA, Transcultures also propose:

  • A special Gif Art exhibition  
featuring The Poietic Generator, a connected participatory artwork of the artist/researcher Olivier Auber (Fr)
  • A didactic Net Art exhibition : spamm.be an online platform that presents a series of works showing the international diversity of today connected/media art, with also a selection of critical tools. spamm.be was launched in 2013 by Transcultures , in collaboration with the artists Systaime (founder of the Super Modern Art Museum – spamm.fr) and Jacques Urbanska (arts-numeriques.info).
  • To raise public awareness, Jacques Urbanska welcomes the visitors to its Web <iframes> matrix. These presentations and open workshops (in the framework of the European project nomade and the Nomades numériques initiative, a series of digital arts workshops organised by le manège.mons in collaboration with Transcultures) aim  to introduce the public to the creative diversity of Net Art.


  • Conception/Curation : Jacques Urbanska – Philippe Franck
  • GIFS Exhibition : Jacques Urbanska, with Julien Deswaef
  • Poietic Generator : Olivier Auber
  • Production : Transcultures partership : Mons 2015 / manège.mons
  • Workshop & talk : manège.mons with Transcultures, in the framework of the projet nomade / Feder Interreg IV France Wallonie-Vlanderen