25 >26-06-2015 – Nuits du Beau Tas @ Recyclart – Bruxelles

25 >26-06-2015 – Nuits du Beau Tas @ Recyclart – Bruxelles
25.06 – 20:30 > Nuits du Beau Tas/City Sonic/Transonic
John Cage versus Jean-Luc Fafchamps
+ Ucture, DGéranium, DJ Lacan

Welcome to the opening of a new series of events conceived by Nuits du Beau Tas – in partnership with the alter label Transonic announces the next edition of the festival City Sonic – in residency at Recyclart with ‘13 Harmonies’ composed by John Cage performed by Celine Lory (Fender Rhodes keyboards) and George van Dam (violin-Ictus ensemble), then the ‘Myopic voyeur’ (erotic songs), Belgian composer Jean -Luc Fafchamps played by Céline Lory (Fender Rhodes) and Anthony Sourdeau (voice) + live different electronic music with Ucture (made ​​in Brussels ) , DGéranium (Berlin touch, Dj Lacan.

26.06 – 20:30 > Nuits du Beau Tas/City Sonic/Transonic
Salvatore Sciarrino versus Jean-Sebastien Bach
George Van Dam (Ictus) + Quasi una fantasia, Dj Chosta, DJ Snooba


When a violin virtuoso solo part of the Ictus Ensemble successfully combines a masterpiece of research and instrumental sound experimentation , with‘6 Capricci’ by contemporary Italian composer Salvatore Sciarrino in the same programme of the famous Bach’Chaconne + the lyrical Austian/Belgian duo Quasi Una Fantasia contempo (Pierre-Jean Vranken and Diva Christina playing ‘Balthazar’ on a poem by Heinrich Heine), a set Dj Chosta made ​​only from samples of string quartets by Dmitri Shostakovich, and a dub mix of Snooba (Radio Panik).


Initiated by Nuits du Beau Tas in residence @ Recyclart. Coproduction : Transonic label et City Sonic Festival.