11.01 > 15.01.2016 – Workshop Digital & Sound Emergences – Arts2

11.01 > 15.01.2016 – Workshop Digital & Sound Emergences – Arts2

As for some years now, Transcultures and Arts2 offer a one-week workshop for talented art students & young artists, which is also open to different art schools in addition to that of Mons.

After an introduction to the different types of digital and audio devices by artists-coordinators (this time, Julien Poidevin and Arnaud Eeckhout, both young multi-media artists, who both graduated from the art school of Mons and lead a promising international career) to help participants to effectively set up their projects to ultimately after a second workshop in the Summer and exchanges between working times, show them in professional conditions, at festivals and events associated with Transcultures (City Sonic, Transnumériques …) which also distributes the best of them in its Belgian and international networks.


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