01>03.11.017 | The Oracles on tour in Montreal

01>03.11.017 | The Oracles on tour in Montreal

After a succesful premiere at Theatre La Balsamine in Brussels end of September 017 preceded by residencies in Quebec (at Rhizome) and Brussels (at L’Escaut), the performance ‘Les oracles’ travels to Montreal. This interdisciplinary two-part project resulting from a Belgian-Quebec collaboration Transcultures / Rhizome has brought together two authors (Catrine Godin for the first part, Percées and Martine Delvaux for the second, Prototype#1), two choreographers (Karine Ledoyen for the first part and Manon Oligny for the second part), a dancer (Marilyn Daoust, also co-choreographer of Prototype#1) , a sound artist (Philippe Franck) and a visual / digital artist (Thomas Israël).

‘The oracles’ were also the subject of a publication (featuring original texts of Catrine Godin and Martine Delvaux with a preface by Simon Dumas and an afterword by Philippe Franck) published by Rhizome in 2017, in co-production with Transcultures.


Production Rhizome littérature vivante, in coproduction with Transcultures – Media Arts Center, with the support of :
Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec • Canada Council for the Arts | Conseil des Arts du Canada • Ministère des Relations internationales • Wallonie-Bruxelles International • Balsamine Théâtre • CitySonic – Festival des Arts Sonores • L’Escaut architectures • Manon fait de la danse • La Rotonde