03.02.2019 | Sieste acoustique – Unda | Transonic Event

03.02.2019 | Sieste acoustique – Unda | Transonic Event

In the spirit of the “acoustic naps’, Unda (Ariane Chesaux and Isa Belle) proposes, at the invitation of the Transonic label, a surrounding and re-harmonizing performance, an intimate collective experience combining well-being and sound journey, subtly crossing Tibetan bowls , gongs, bells, drums and acoustic drone, with a particular attention to the vibrations that are primarily for the body and the senses.

Ariane Chesaux (Ch / Be) practices the Arcorame, art of the body-soul. She lives and shares this path through helping relationships through body and energy work, her photographic and pictorial creations and sound travels with her instrumental trio of cello, singing bowls and gongs.

The artistic approach of Isa Belle (Fr / Be) is rooted in the search for the well-being of the body – in its multiple dimensions – associated with personal and spiritual development. She has participated in various visual, cinematographic works and performances of contemporary art. Since 2005, she has been collaborating with Paradise Now (electronic treatments, voice, co-design) on several performance projects (including Sound Massages) and sound installations (supported by Transcultures) mixing sounds, scents and touch, which call for the participation of the visitor invited to engage in new sensory experiences.


Partnership Transcultures, La Semaine du Son, Project(ion) Room, Transonic Label