06.07.2019 | L’inconstance de l’été – musical dramatic scénettes

06.07.2019 | L’inconstance de l’été – musical dramatic scénettes

The inconstancy of summer is the pretext for an evening dedicated to the outdoor performance of instant musical dramaticules. The garden in which it will take place is not reduced to a place of welcome, it also means to be a source of inspiration and a full-fledged sound material.

This convivial evening will be an opportunity to discover Ludovic Medery, sound creator favoring electroacoustic and experimental composition. It will also allow the duo Pastoral (Christophe Bailleau + Philippe Franck) to deliver electro-cinematic or post pop extracts of L’échappée belle, an elegant audio-poetic-visual opus recently published on Transonic alter label (Sonopoetics collection).

Finally, under the banner of his improbable aliases, Fred Michiels, a Flemish artist living in Wallonia but openly linguistic asexual, will craft a third-degree oratory with little things, language tips, lexical gadgets, verbal abuse.

Ludovic Medery


Fred Michiels


  • Un événement Eastern Belgium at night
  • En partenariat avec Transcultures/City Sonic & Transonic Label