16 > 21.01.2021 | Paradise Now + Didié Nietzsche – Transonic residency

16 > 21.01.2021 | Paradise Now + Didié Nietzsche – Transonic residency

Between these two collaborative Belgian/internationalists sound creators, the meeting is both natural and open.

Paradise Now (the solo audio project of Philippe Franck, also co-founder of the post-pop duo Pastoral with Christophe Bailleau and collaborator of several other experimental musicians and poets) invites Didié Nietzsche (alias A Limb for his solo electro projects, co-founder of the audio experimental collective Radio Prague (since 1982), member of the electro punk group Nietzche, of the variable geometry combo 48 Cameras and, more recently of the multimedia improv collective Lamaphi) to join him for a new series of recordings passing through various aesthetics and sonic practices (soundscapes, sound poetry, improvisations or more groovy pieces).

They are occasionally joined by Isa Belle with whom Paradise Now has been collaborating since 2004 playing with him singing bowls, gongs, percussions and hand drums- softly treated by doctor Nietzsche.

Together they will also offer a “No Lockdown Transonic Live Session” which will be posted soon on the bandcamp of the Transonic label.