12.10.2021 | Transcultures @ Seminar “Uses and Values of Black” | INHA (Fr)

12.10.2021 | Transcultures @ Seminar “Uses and Values of Black” | INHA (Fr)

The CEEI-THALIM 2021-2022 seminar, “Usages and values of the black” follows the five-year cycle of conferences organized within the walls of the INHA (National Institute of Art History – Paris), aimed at developing a reflection on the material forms of writing, in line with reflections carried out at the Center for the Study of Writing and Image created by Anne-Marie Christin in 1982.

Proposed this year by Isabelle Charrier and Marie Laureillard, co-organized with Hélène Campaignolle, the theme of “Usages and values of black ”aims to explore the conceptual richness of the concept of black. As in previous years, the seminar calls on the CEEI network (European Community Business and. Innovation), the researchers associated with THALIM (the mixed unit of research on  Theory and History of the Arts and Literatures of Modernity) and external interventions, in an interdisciplinary configuration and open to non-Western forms of writing. Each session is  the occasion of one or two presentations, followed by a collective discussion.

On this occasion, the artist researcher Gaëtan Le-Coarer, artist in residence European Pepinires of Creation 2021 at Transcultures, as well as Philippe Franck director of Transcultures, will speak for 2 conferences:

  • Gaëtan Le-Coarer (Université de Savoie-Mont Blanc) : Usages dans le Noir en Bande Dessinée et en Réalité Mixte
  • Philippe Franck (Transcultures/Pépinières européennes de Création) : Poétiques et imaginaires du noir et du blanc dans la création sonore actuelle