05.11 > 31.12.2011 | Cosmografie – A sound exhibition | Radio Lada (Web) + Oggetti Specifici (It)

05.11 > 31.12.2011 | Cosmografie – A sound exhibition | Radio Lada (Web) + Oggetti Specifici (It)

The project takes place on-air and it is possible to visit the acoustic exhibition on Radio Lada, the historic web radio founded in 1995 and conceived as an exhibition space dedicated to sound art.

On November 5-6-7, 2021 Oggetti Specifici gallery in Turin presented the project Cosmographies – performances, installations, broadcasts with Katatonic Silentio, Jacopo Mazzonelli and Roberto Paci Dalò, with three days of performances and sound and visual installations in the gallery space.

Interaction, improvisation, the relationship between sound and image, sound objects, electroacoustic, radio, are some of the elements of the project that will see the daily presentation of a two-part concert where a solo performance of each artist will be followed by a group session. The materials and the technologies involved will create a sound and visual installation in the spaces of the gallery. Sculptural and electric sound objects will outline a changing landscape also with radio waves that have been received and processed in real-time.

Voices from outer space. Thus, with Cosmographies Oggetti Specifici becomes a unique transceiver station open to the cosmos.

All materials performed during the three days of Cosmographies will become a sound installation in December then  a limited edition consisting of a box with a vinyl record and other objects created during the project, will be released and presented in the gallery in 2022.

Katatonic Silentio (It)

Sound artist, live performer and curator of Expanded Radio Research Unit, Mariachiara, aka Katatonic Silentio, explores the field of experimental and electronic music with a unique approach to sound design, has released music on numerous national and international labels, and performed at events and festivals all over Europe. Alongside pursuing a career in music, Mariachiara is also active as an independent researcher: her practice converges halfway between sonic and performative art.

Her curiosity for cultural studies, combined with her strong passion for music, has allowed her to approach the realm of sound with a sociological and anthropological take, viewing sound itself as a critical device, an indicator of society and its changes.


Jacopo Mazzonelli (It)

Mazzonelli creates sculptures, assemblages, and installations that penetrate into the vast borderlands between visual arts and music. His artistic research embraces techniques and methodologies borrowed from a host of different disciplines. Exploring the interpretation and visualization of the dimension of sound, the artist engages with instruments that he deconstructs, transforms, and recomposes. His focus centers on the “musical gesture”, the examination of the perception of rhythm and the flow of temporal change. He has held solo

shows in Italy and abroad. In 2017 MART – Galleria Civica di Trento dedicated to him the comprehensive solo exhibition To be played at maximum volume. In collaboration with composer Matteo Franceschini, since 2017 he has conceived of a series of performance projects of which, alongside pianist Eleonora Wegher, he is also an active interpreter.


Roberto Paci Dalò (It)

Visual and sound artist, composer, musician, director, researcher – his work has been presented in museums, theatres, festivals and biennials around the world. He received the prize “Premio Napoli per la lingua e cultura italiana” and his work has been supported and appreciated by, among the others, Aleksandr Sokurov and John Cage.

Roberto is an artist/expert for the European Commission and a member of the core designers unity of the New European Bauhaus initiative. He teaches Exhibit and Experience Design at Unirsm where he is also the founder and director of Usmaradio, broadcaster and Research Centre for Radiophonic Studies.

His latest book is called Ombre (Quodlibet 2019).