17 > 27.11.2022 | Digital Emergences – Puppetry and Media Arts @ Festival Lumen #7 (Be)

17 > 27.11.2022 | Digital Emergences – Puppetry and Media Arts @ Festival Lumen #7 (Be)

For 5 years, the Center de la Marionnette (Tournai-BE) and Transcultures have joined forces at the annual Lumen event to support and promote digital, intermedia or / and sound projects by students from the Eurometropolis: Arts2 – Visual Arts School of Mons,  ESA – Academy of Fine Arts of Tournai, Art School ESÄ – Nord Pas de Calais / Tourcoing – Dunkirk.

Transcultures initiated the Digital and Sound Emergencies program twelve years ago. It is a support program built in partnership with art schools from the Wallonia-Brussels Federation and France.

Each year, the 2 structures also launch a national and international call for participation in the direction of artists who work at the intersections of digital arts, sciences and puppetry arts.

It should also be noted that for this 7th edition of Lumen,, the Center has invited the artist Alain Wergifosse (supported by Transcultures), a pioneer in the fields of sound, visual and multimedia creation, for a new installation and performance.

Lumen, a flagship event where puppets and digital arts meet at the Centre of the Puppet Art. The programming of each edition is family and free! Each of the editions invites the public to discover surprising, poetic and unique universes. During Lumen # 6, for a month, around ten works by emerging or confirmed artists, from the Wallonia-Brussels Federation and elsewhere will be visible to discover the art of manipulation of objects, images, of bodies under the eye of digital arts. Lumen focuses this year on Zaven Paré,  visual artist, precursor of the electronic puppet.

17.11.2022 | Lumen #7 - Opening

  • 6:30 p.m. – Debate/round table (green room)
  • 7:30 p.m. – Presentation of The Clusters and the winner of the call for projects Naoyuki Tanaka (dark room)
  • 7:45 p.m. – Opening of the Digital Emergences/Lumen#7 exhibition (marquee)
  • 8:30 p.m. – Performance Mutaphores chromatiques by Alain Wergifosse (dark room)

Sound manipulations and metamorphoses - Round table

For several decades, open contemporary music but also more generally sound creation have integrated electronic and then digital processing into their audio architectures and their compositional modes.

How do these increasingly diversified techniques modify the creative process but also the reception and perception of listeners who are increasingly sensory solicited?

Several composers and teachers share their approaches and their experiences by also giving us to hear some excerpts of their creation.

Participants: Charo Calvo (composer, sound designer), Gilles Gobert (composer and teacher at Arts2), Alain Wergifosse (sound and visual designer)
Moderation: Francoise Flabat (director of the Center de la Marionnette), Philippe Franck (director of Transcultures, teacher at ARBA-ESA, Arts2, ESA Saint-Luc Brussels)
Partnership between the Puppet Center of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation and Transcultures

Naoyuki Tanaka (a.k.a NAO - Jp/Fr) - THE CLUSTERs | Laureat of the Lumen #7 call

THE CLUSTERs is a dance performance that brings inorganic machines to life. It stages eight robotic dancers, under the direction of an artist-performer. Each rhythm created by the moves of one robot is added to the others, and it gradually forms a complex musical space. Then the infection of this joie de vivre spreads to the public, just like a virus.

Humans have danced since the dawn of their existence. Each tribe around the world has an original dance, like a language of its own, as we find on the murals of the cave of Altamira.

We dance smiling to express happiness.
We dance crying to forget the things that depress us.
We cannot stop the beating of our heart. With dance and movement, we imitate this rhythm and sublimate it. In other words, dance is a regeneration of our vital energy.

Naoyuki Tanaka, aka NAO, calls himself a Mixed Material Artist (or MMA, referring to Mixed Martial Arts). He arrived in France from Japan in 1997 and graduated in 2003 from the College of Arts in Aix-en-Provence. He uses computer code, image and sound in order to create interactive multimedia performances. Since 2003 he has taken part in several digital arts festivals in France and abroad. He creates his own visual and sound universe resembling punk aestheticism. After 10 years of coding and developing for collective artistic projects, he started to work in 2013 on a more personal art practice based on robotics, a media in which he was interested since his childhood because of the 80s mangas and movies. With his works and performances he casts a cynical eye on contemporary society and plunges viewers into a reflection about new/lost technologies.


17.11.2022 | Live performance

Alain Wergifosse offers, for Lumen#7, his “Chromatic Mutaphores” in the form of an electronic and organic sound performance likely to interact with the eponymous installation device.

Production : Transcultures (outcome  of a residency of the artist at the Transonic Lab), in partnership with the the Center de la Marionnette of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation.

17 > 27.11.2022 | Lumen #7 - Transcultures exhibitions

Interactive AV installation (premiere)

Alain Wergifosse has created  for Lumen#7, a device of visual confusion of a mutating metaphor of the idea of self, in reflections of dynamic shadows multiplied in various scintillating forms of dazzling chromaticisms.

This work is part of a series dedicated to the decomposition of language and the transmutation of forms.

In a certain deluded hope of a world where nothing would have a name, and where the symbols would be slowly transmuted into biomass, the ideas they represent would evaporate into scattered clouds of diffuse oblivion, finally free of all meaning. , in a time when no one would be there to say them, scattered in just a few rare rumors of imperceptible whispers hidden in the wind… .

The form of things would take over our place to evolve in a new world where nothing would be to be understood but would simply be in the state in which they were already long before us.

Production : Transcultures (outcome  of a residency of the artist at the Transonic Lab), in partnership with the Centre de la Marionnette de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles.

Digital emergences - Exhibition

The Center de la Marionnette and Transcultures (Centre for digital and sound cultures) are once again joining forces to support and give visibility to emerging installation projects with a digital dimension produced by students from Belgian and French partner art schools ( Arts2 – Mons, ESA-Academy of Fine Arts of Tournai, Superior School of Arts of Nord-Pas de Calais).

Transcultures initiated the Digital and Sound Emergences program ten years ago. It is a support program built in partnership with art schools in the Wallonia-Brussels Federation and in France. This year the focus is on sound manipulation via various digital treatments.

For this digital and sound emergences exhibition at Lumen, the focus of the selection of works exhibited under the marquee in the courtyard of the Center de la Marionnette, was placed on the manipulations and metamorphoses of sound and digital forms and languages.

With the support of Transcultures, the Center de la Marionnette and partner schools.

Brandon Coldebella - Wavelab (ARTS2)

An evolving sculptural work making sound phenomena visible, based on recordings made along the fortifications of the city of Ypres.

A way of occupying a space and at the same time of importing fiction into reality through light projections and a mirror game that visualizes the movement generated by the sound frequencies in the water.

Julie Everaert - Pleurotes (Fr - ESA Nord-Pas de Calais)

Pleurotes is a living and evolving installation that questions our relationships with organisms, through the prism of the mushroom, whose capacities and intelligence as much as the forms are surprising and have a lot to teach us. Real oyster mushrooms grow among others digitally modeled. These are dug and drilled to allow the insertion of the substrate necessary for the proper development of the oyster mushroom mycelium, which will proliferate thanks to the modeled structure.

In the end, the live mushrooms will eat the digital mushrooms. Mushrooms are living beings constituting, on their own, their own fungal biological kingdom. They feed through their vegetative organ called mycelium, made up of filaments sometimes invisible to the naked eye. It has a power of penetration of the matter allowing it to develop to seek in the ground all the elements essential to its development. It also has a power of dissemination. The mycelium has a real system of communication and especially of exchange.

Produced as part of the Arts and Sciences Polytech’Lille-Esä co-creation module, offered by Prist (Images, Sciences and Technology Research Program) of the Ecole Supérieure d’Art du Nord-pas de Calais / Dunkerque – Tourcoing. Presented with the support of Transcultures and European Pepinieres of Creation

Charbel Saad - Listening from a bubble (ESA Nord-Pas de Calais)

Sound creation inspired by the personal relationship of the artist (with diminished hearing) to the soundscape in the public space and by the reading of an autobiographical text by the Syrian traveler Hanna Diyab who inspired the stories of Aladdin and Ali Baba and the 40 thieves.

Collectif Substra - Infralangage (ARTS2)

This digital device randomly generates previously recorded syllables which plays on the chance of the reception/reorganization of lexical fragments by listening, and questions our sound perception of language.

Students in the Digital Arts section of the Academy of Fine Arts in Tournai - L’atelier

Installation both plastic and digital, inspired by a photo of the chaotic studio of the visual artist Francis Bacon. An entirely white, neutral decor comes to life through an interactive video process, with different moods and atmospheres.