26.04.2023 | Sound arts/alternative urban explorations workshop | Centrissime (Be)

26.04.2023 | Sound arts/alternative urban explorations workshop | Centrissime (Be)

This workshop, which brings together PHD students and professors from the CiTu-Paragraphe laboratory – University of Paris 8, takes place in the preamble to the symposium around the legacy of the multidisciplinary and indisciplinary artist (from La Louvière), Pol Bury (1922-2005).

This research day is co-supervised by Khaldoun Zreik (director of the Unity of Formation and Research of Sciences and Digital Technologies / STN, University Paris 8 and the director of the Paragraphe hypermedia laboratory) and Marc Veyrat (member of the laboratory, creator/researcher and also professor at the University of Savoie-Mont-Blanc).

It explores more specifically the issues and work of doctoral students/researchers/creators related to itinerancy and the mediality of sound arts (Philippe Franck) as well as to alternative explorations of models of decentralization of digital infrastructures in the city (Stanislav Kurakin).

See also : XR BURY – From the visionary work of Pol Bury to digital arts

Laboratoire Citu-Paragraphe | Université Paris 8

CiTu-Paragraphe was created in Paris in 2007; it focuses its scientific research on information design, in the general context of digital humanities and in the field of new media and media art.

In fact, new forms of information, expression, interference and creation constantly take into account and question technological issues. Hence the originality of CiTu, which aims to be as close as possible to creative projects in line with its issues.

Its main research axis is hypermedia information design (information design), which is broken down into transversal axes (such as Mixed Reality, Open Data, Design and design, etc.) and central axes (such as Mediated and Multimodal Human Interactions, Immersion and Interaction, Augmented Territories, Media Art, the Impact of Digital Technology on Humans, etc.).