01.02 > 26.02.2024 | MATERIA residency – Alain Wergifosse | Transcultures – Convent of Hautrage (Be)

01.02 > 26.02.2024 | MATERIA residency – Alain Wergifosse | Transcultures – Convent of Hautrage (Be)

Alain Wergifosse, sound, visual and intermedia artist  is, hosted at Transcultures in its new spaces at the Hautrage convent (Saint-Ghislain), for a long residence in 2024.

He has initially worked on MATERIA, a sound and visual installation project around a journey of poetic and imaginary exploration inside matter in all its states and transmutations, navigating liquid phases, flying over gaseous states, penetrating solids, sometimes blinded by brightly colored plasmas, deafened by tectonic vibrations.

MATERIA will be presented, as a world premiere, at the Vidéoformes festival in a chapel in Clermont Ferrand (Fr), from March 14 to 30, 2024.

MATERIA will take the form of a great immersive multichannel video installation. Alain Wergifosse describes it as “an allegorical work on matter in all its states in which real macro and microscopic images combine with computer-generated images to illustrate with a free and poetic look various vibrational phenomena, entropy and dynamisms. intimate with nature and the constantly transforming physical and chemical elements that compose it. This process occurs through a series of interactions between light, sound and matter in time and space for a free interpretation of string theory, antimatter and thermodynamics; it’s a miniature journey into the interior of things.”

Alain Wergifosse (Be)

Belgian video artist and experimental musician having resided in Barcelona for 30 years, Alain Wergifosse has participated in countless sound projects solo and with groups such as Obmuz, Macromassa and Specop (in Spain).

For 10 years, he created interactive sounds and music for Marcel.lí Antúnez (founder of La Fura dels Baus). He co-organized the LEM and NoNoLogic festivals in Barcelona and published 3 albums: “Deep Gray Organics” in 1999 on the Geometrik label (Es), “Flux & Densités” in 2020 and the CD (+ booklet) “Spectres & Neons ” in 2022, both published by the Transonic (Be) label. In 2010, he composed the music for the film “Petite anatomy of the image” by Olivier Smolders.

He has produced numerous videos and immersive and sound installations regularly supported by Transcultures (and the City Sonic and Transnumériques festivals), the Wallonia-Brussels Federation and also, among others, by/for KIKK, Recyclart (Be), Zone Libre, European Pepinieres of Creation, and Vidéoformes (Fr), as well as concerts and sound and visual experimentation workshops.