12 > 28.04.2024 | Karine Marenne (Be) “APRON ROLE” – “L’avenir est à nous” exhibition | Parcours de Saint-Gilles (Be)

12 > 28.04.2024 | Karine Marenne (Be) “APRON ROLE” – “L’avenir est à nous” exhibition | Parcours de Saint-Gilles (Be)

As part of the exhibition, “The future is ours” organized at the Maison du Peuple in Saint-Gilles (Brussels), Karine Marenne presents the performance ‘APRON ROLE’, in the form of a video triptych including 3 videos performative.

‘APRON ROLE’ consists of voluntarily repeating the innocuous gesture of putting on an apron; a gesture passed down from generation to generation, from woman to woman, which embodies the act of getting to work but the protection it confers can also be transformed into a straitjacket, synonymous with servitude.

In ‘APRON ROLE’, women from all eras, all generations and all cultures are represented. The repetition of the gesture, the accumulation of fabric, the weight of stereotypes, reveal and illustrate the load, certainly physical, but above all mental, suffered by the women on whom responsibilities are piled up, those of the supporting role who must fulfill their duty.

The video triptych is accompanied by a soundtrack of different interpretations of “La Folia” (or also known as the Follies of Spain), a variation/dance from the 15th century which has been used by many composers (including Vivaldi, Lully, Marais or Rachmaninov). Like aprons, this variation has passed through time from generation to generation.

Karine Marenne (Be)

visual artist and performer based in Brussels. Her artistic work mixes and explores the image in the broad sense of the term. She conceives performance as an act or a poetic/political action aimed at revealing the cracks in the system.
She uses the body to create an Image and puts herself on stage by subverting feminine codes and archetypes. Derision is often his weapon. She deliberately uses stereotypical, falsely naive imagery, which infiltrates an environment that is not her own.

Disturbing reality, a discrepancy occurs; burlesque characters emerge. In 2006, Karine Marenne created “We Love ART” where the Fine Arts Palace of Brussels BOZAR is transformed into a fitness room, where artists, curators, guards are invited to sweat for Art. In 2005 to 2008, she developed a long nomadic series with “Caravan of Love”.

From 2012 to 2017, the artist equipped with a duster proclaimed herself “Art Maid” wandering around fairs in order to build her collection of collectors. From 2016 to 2018, in “Artiste Couple”, Karine Marenne performs the couple.


L’avenir est à nous - Exhibition

Visuel : Série You Gold (détail), 2023, Sandrine Morgante

Lieu emblématique populaire édifié en 1905 par le parti ouvrier belge, espace de rassemblement pour permettre l’accès à la culture, les débats politiques et fournir entre autres des soins médicaux gratuits.

Cette Maison, riche par son histoire, symbole de l’action socialiste est devenue dans les années soixante un espace d’accueil pour de nombreuses manifestations culturelles de la commune de Saint-Gilles.

Pour le Parcours d’Artistes, elle refait émerger son identité politique d’engagement citoyen.e autour d’une exposition artiviste faisant la part belle à des artistes qui questionnent notre rapport au travail, à l’écologie, à l’émancipation féministe et aux conflits dans le monde.

Artistes : Priscilla Beccari, Pascal Bernier, Joanie Lemercier, Karine Marenne, Léa Mayer, Sandrine Morgante, Angel Vergara.