Application AR | Out Land – Philippe Boisnard (Fr) | Beta version

Application AR | Out Land – Philippe Boisnard (Fr) | Beta version

From the Renaissance onwards, the revolution of the new aesthetic – based on perspective – far from being reduced to the space of the painting alone, transformed real space, permeating the city and its spaces. The new mathematical spirit goes beyond the framework of representation and develops the new framework of a presence.

With artificial intelligence, we have been living since the Renaissance, undoubtedly one of the greatest aesthetic revolutions. Generative LAs offering a new approach to creation and representations. However, the creations by the A are mainly reduced to screens or galleries.

Out Land is a work whose generation by A extends beyond the screens and spaces of art. The shapes produced by 3D A are contaminating public spaces and cities, without borders, throughout the world.

The forms generated are sometimes free, sometimes they are repetitions and a re-elaboration of forms already produced during the history of statuary. You can see AR targets by Geolocation distributed all over the world. Or test a few using Test mode (T). With each discovery, the AR targets are collected (C) and can be reviewed.

Each update will offer new AI/AR creations and an evolution of the iOSAPP.

  • OUT LAND is available on the Applestore for iPhone (iPad version coming soon)
  • OUT LAND is an iOSAPP – Augmented Reality / AI / Geolocation.

Philippe Boisnard (Fr)

Multimedia artist and writer, Philippe Boisnard explores the construction of humanity through the materiality of codes and representations linked to political, social, economic, and post-historical dimensions.

All of his work reflects on the evolution of humanity in the age of cybernetics and digital technology. A regular contributor to numerous journals (Inter, Art actuel, Jungle Juice, L’armée noire, Mobile Album International, Celebrity Café), he has published various poetic and philosophical narratives: “Pan Cake” (Hermaphrodite), “Atom-Z nous sommes 6 milliards” (, “Frontière du visage, analogique-numérique” (L’Harmattan).

His installations and performances have been showcased internationally in over 20 countries: at FIMAV (Canada), at the TOPO agency (Canada), at the Mapping Festival (Switzerland), at the Digital Choc (Japan), etc. In 2016, he notably curated exhibitions for the Accès(s) festivals in Pau.