24.07.2024 | Sonic Garden Party – Very Mash’ta + Christophe Bailleau | Couvent d’Hautrage (Saint-Ghislain – Be)

24.07.2024 | Sonic Garden Party – Very Mash’ta + Christophe Bailleau | Couvent d’Hautrage (Saint-Ghislain – Be)

The Sonic Garden Party invites you to discover in a bucolic setting (public green space, park, private gardens open for the occasion) intimate, astonishing sound performances of various adventurous genres (electronics, sound arts, crossroads music, etc.) of about half an hour each with a free drink at the exit.

In the framework of the Sonic Summer 2024, this first Sonic Garden Party invites two heralds of Belgian organic electronics since the 90s.

Christophe Bailleau (Fr/Be)

Born in Normandy – France, Christophe Bailleau obtained a master in Visual Arts at ERG (School of Graphic Research) in Brussels in 2004. Multidisciplinary artist, Christophe Bailleau has been developing an atypical musical project since the 90s. His compositions are based on acoustic sources (guitar, percussions, vocals, bruits divers…) mixed with field recordings and concrete sounds. He thus conceives a game of waiting, silence and stormy tension.

His compositions have been published on various European labels (Stilll, Postcard, Annexia, Fenetre, Soundscaping, Optical Sound, Sacred phrases, Transonic, Mahorka…). He has also produced several radio creation pieces. Christophe makes intriguing and dreamlike short films which try to capture the unspeakable.

With Philippe Franck, he’s been operating within the audio video duo Pastoral (inspired by our daily strangeness and poetry with a surreal touch) since 2006.

He also practices multidisciplinary installation works, photography and more recently drawing and poetry… He has been invited in many international events and festivals.


Gauthier Keyaerts (Be)

Gauthier Keyaerts questions ‘matter’ through sound and through still or moving images, in an interactive and complementary style. Sonic artist (several albums published on Sub Rosa and Transonic as well as installations and performances broadcast internationally) and interdisciplinary, he bases his work on two essential elements:

  • a radically materialist approach, a real call to rediscover our senses whether through sound or image
  • a willingness to communicate with the public, to generate a free and open space of reflection.

His favorite subjects are life, nothingness, the beauty of insignificance, the elements, time, and memory.


Sonic Summer 2024

Transcultures, Centre for Sound and Digital Cultures, joins its partner Septem (Cultural Centre of Saint-Ghislain) to offer, this summer 2024, a program of friendly events open to all.

Workshops, concerts, installation, sound art video selection… dialoguing with the spaces of the Hautrage convent (16th century), around sound and intermedia creation with the participation of leading artists from the Wallonia-Brussels Federation and abroad.

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