15.06.2017 – Paolo Almario + Mathieu Zurstrassen – Try Out residency – Québec

15.06.2017 – Paolo Almario + Mathieu Zurstrassen – Try Out residency – Québec

As part of its ‘Vice Versa” program of cross-digital arts residences, Transcultures (interdisciplinary center for digital and sound cultures based in Charleroi), launched a third exchange with La Chambre Blanche (visual and digital arts center in Québec) of residences of between the Federation Wallonia-Brussels and Quebec, for the realization of a art/research project in the field of the digital arts.

These creative residences bring together a Quebec artist and an artist from the Wallonia-Brussels Federation and close with a public presentation in Quebec and the Wallonia-Brussels Federation. For this year 2017, the winners of the call for entries are for Quebec, Paolo Almario and for the Federation Wallonia-Brussels, Mathieu Zurstrassen. They share a practice in digital arts, architecture and design.

Paolo Almario, a Quebec artist of Colombian origin and Mathieu Zurstrassen (Brussels), joined around the notion of homeostasis. Strolling through the streets of Quebec, visiting the various exhibitions, they intend to feed on the movement and the breath of the city of Quebec to advance their reflection. A second stage of this Vice Versa residence will be organised this Summer at Transcultures in Charleroi.

A first “try out” sharing with the public the result of a first working time at the Chambre blanche in Quebec, is proposed on 15 June.


LA CHAMBRE BLANCHE, Transcultures – With the support of Wallonie-Bruxelles International, La Ville de Québec, Conseil des Arts et des Lettres de Québec, Culture et Communication Québec, Conseil des Arts du Canada.