25.05.2019 | Brussels Drone Day 2019 – YIAP Brussels

25.05.2019 | Brussels Drone Day 2019 – YIAP Brussels

The ‘Drone Day ‘is an annual international event dedicated to the drone sound taking place all over the world bringing together researchers of the sensation of sound released from melody and rhythm creating a different sensorial space-time. The drone can indicate, in music, a long held or repeated sound with little harmonic variation; it is found in several contemporary minimalist approaches but also in some non-Western traditions.

On the initiative of Ariane Chesaux and Transcultures, the Brussels Drone Day brings together several artists from different backgrounds (Unda-Isa Belle and Ariane Chesaux intertwined singing bowls, gongs, bells and acoustic drones, Paradise Now – guitar/vocal/electronic soundscapes, Raymond Delepierre – organic soundscapes, Peter M Friess – digital images and visual treatments… Each participant will unfold on this theme his sonic universe and improvise freely with the others. This quiet collective sonic performance is about sharing a singular energy and stimulating the discovery of the inner worlds of both sound artists and participants, each living this immersion in sound.

Apart from this Brussels Drone Day live session, Peter M Friess will present its latest project ‘NVIBES’ , which is a humble approach to transform the poetic realm of brain activities into a musical universe. The mind energy of the performer’s brainwaves and their corresponding emotional states trigger the evolution of a musical universe, which is unique in body and time. Moments of relaxation, excitement, stress and interest are connected to real-time sound generation, independently from the performer’s direct willpower. But in some moments the performer is able to enrich the soundscape by injecting additional musical elements through mental commands.


  • Production : Transcultures in partnership with YIAP