29.07 > 29.08.2022 | Marie Bertrand – Summer residence | Transcultures (Be)

29.07 > 29.08.2022 | Marie Bertrand – Summer residence | Transcultures (Be)

The young Brussels artist Marie Bertrand, a graduate of the Mons Arts2 visual arts school, is invited, during this Summer residency, to prepare workshops (July 29 and August 29) and a multidisciplinary exhibition around the theme of bread which she proposes to the Cultural Center of Saint-Ghislain (Belgium) in September 2022.

It starts from the observation that bread, the basis of the everyday diet, is everywhere but yet often put in the background compared to other foods. Beyond its nurturing aspect, it is also part of our secular heritage and comes in various forms, flavors and symbols depending on the culture.

Through various artistic activities, Marie Bertrand invites the population of Saint-Ghislain to be surprised by the richness of bread through sound, touch, body and various contemporary creative practices.

The multi-creative workshops she offers in Saint-Ghislain this Summer, address several disciplines will make it possible to collect the visual and sound material for the participatory exhibition “Blé d’Art” (Wheat of Art)  which will open on September 16, 2022 at the Cultural Center of Saint-Ghislain. (also with the sound performance No pain no gain by Marie Bertrand).

Marie Bertrand

Born in 1995 in Belgium, develops a multidisciplinary artistic practice ranging from performance to video, including installation, sound, sculpture, painting, drawing, binding and paper creation.

She obtained a bachelor’s degree in the painting option (ESA le 75) in 2017, a bachelor’s degree in the Image Dans le Milieu (Arts²) option in 2019 and a master’s degree in the Image Dans le Milieu (Arts²) option in 2021.

His artistic approach is based on his daily life and his feelings about the world around him. Her questions go from the world of work to her condition as a woman as well as childhood, death, the body, the absurd, humor and bread as a societal mirror.