31.07 + 07.08.2022 | Sound and visual tour – Laurence Demaret | Braine-l’Alleud (Be)

31.07 + 07.08.2022 | Sound and visual tour – Laurence Demaret | Braine-l’Alleud (Be)

Exploring, observing, listening, thinking about territories means reactivating our senses and creating other modes of attention.

The walk is an invitation to get moving in the soundscape and to observe the urban and rural environment from a new perspective. Participants are guided on an exploratory walk, with the intention of mobilizing the senses, amplifying reality and grasping the sensitive.

Along the way, ears and eyes open to cultivate a broader vision and create new links to what surrounds us.

A proposal by Laurence Demaret, visual and sound artist in collaboration with Vincent Pourcelle.


Trained in visual arts, space and movement, Laurence Demaret practices a transdisciplinary art that develops around the poetics of movement.

In her research, she experiments with the relationship between traditional fashions and new technologies.

She explores singular visions that lead us to atypical stories so that thoughts are populated with new images, that the imagination is set in motion and that it animates the power from within.

A chemical engineer by training, Vincent Pourcelle was a researcher in the field of life sciences. He is currently pursuing this exploration of the living as a nature guide exploring the natural world as so many sensory and instructive experiences.