19.08.2022 | Sonic Kids – Alain Wergifosse (Be) | Hautrage-Etat (Be)

19.08.2022 | Sonic Kids – Alain Wergifosse (Be) | Hautrage-Etat (Be)

All the everyday objects that surround us hide curious sounds often imperceptible to the naked ear that it is very fun to discover by amplifying them to, perhaps, manage to make new, bizarre and amazing music. With tiny contact microphones placed strategically on any sort of object, using a few simple electronics to amplify, modify and diffuse, anything in existence can sound.

Sounds can be produced by internal mechanisms or by motor vibrations, by percussion, by friction with a violin bow, by blowing air over it, but also by feedback from the amplification which allows playing with the resonance of objects. By processing the sounds with electronic effects, a whole panoply of dynamic sounds is at our disposal.

For his first Sonic Kids workshop, Alain Wergifosse offers a version dedicated to the youngest for a first discovery of sound using very simple and familiar objects: a few mechanical toys, an old alarm clock, a few tubes and pipes, a bicycle, paper , springs, rubber bands, empty metal, wooden or cardboard boxes and also some kitchen utensils

This creative workshop is about exploring together the sound possibilities of these objects by forming, in the end, a small ephemeral orchestra of collective noise and reinvented sonic tools improvisation.

Alain Wergifosse (Be)

Insatiable explorer of sound, image and the media since the 1980s, Alain Wergifosse amplifies all kinds of resonant objects and specializes in the electronic processing of feedback to achieve his organic compositions and improvisations. He has traveled the world solo and with various groups and collective projects (Obmuz, Macromassa, SpecOp, Colectivo Anatomic among others).

From his base in Barcelona, ​​he composed, during ten years, the music and sound interactions of the shows Marcel lí Antúnez (ex La Fura dels Baus) and he collaborated with many artists of the experimental musical scene ( Zbigniew Karkowski, Cluster, Jaki Liebezeit, Francisco Lopez, Nad Spiro, Eli Gras,…) and actively participated in various adventurous initiatives in Spain and internationally.

In recent years, returning to Belgium, he has developed his visual work and produced immersive and interactive installations, self-generative videos, microscopies and other materialist compositions presented in several festivals and international events (City Sonic, MEM, Kikk, Semaine sound, Simultan, Transnumériques…).

Les Rencontres Culturelles d'été de Saint-Ghislain

During this Summer 2022, the cultural centre of Saint-Ghislain (BE) presents a series of activities called “Les rencontres culturelles de St Ghislain” in different places around this town not far from Mons. In partnership with Transcultures and Ad Libitum, 3 Sonic Garden Parties are offered in July and August, as well as workshops (Sonic Kids and creative workshop around bread – one of the thematic threads of this program).