27.10.2023 | arcane #8 – Sub Rosa – Stephane Ginsburgh (Be) + Thérèse Malengreau (Be) @ Nuit du Beau Tas | Chapelle du Grand Hospice (Bruxelles)

27.10.2023 | arcane #8 – Sub Rosa – Stephane Ginsburgh (Be) + Thérèse Malengreau (Be) @ Nuit du Beau Tas | Chapelle du Grand Hospice (Bruxelles)

After the first concert with the Polish artist Barbara Drazkov Drążkowska, Transcultures supports a second event of the Nuit du Beau Tas in October: the arcana #8 of the Sub Rosa label where we can discover:

  • The musician Stephane Ginsburgh who will play artworks by composers including Meredith Monk, Defrise, Tanaka and Ustvolskaya.
  • The pianist Thérèse Malengreau who will perform artworks by American composer James Tenney, before the release of a disc of his works on Sub Rosa…

Sub Rosa is a record label based in Brussels specializing in avant-garde music, electronic music, world music and noise music.[1] Directed by Guy-Marc Hinant and Frédéric Walheer, Sub Rosa has released over 250 titles of experimental, drone music, noise music, Musique concrète, ritual music and film music. The label has released archival material related to prominent twentieth-century avant-garde figures such as Marcel Duchamp, William S. Burroughs, James Joyce, and Kurt Schwitters. Sub Rosa also releases material from a number of important electronic music composers, such as (Luc Ferrari, Henri Pousseur, Tod Dockstader, Nam June Paik, Francisco López); and traditional music from around the world in anthologies of Inuit sound, the Master Musicians of Joujouka, Tibetan music and Bhutanese music, recorded by John Levy).

Changement de programme

As Stephane Ginsburgh had to declined his participation to Arcane/Sub Rosa, the program of this evening had to be modified – the opening act will also be Thérèse Malengreau playing on the piano Morton Feldman’s ‘Le palais de Mari’ (1986) – one of his major last piece performed by Stephane Ginsburgh in a previous Arcane.

Two films will also be screened: Stan Brackhage’s ‘Interim’ (1952, 20 min – with live music by James Tenney)

Stephane Ginsburgh (Be)

Stephane Ginsburgh has given solo and chamber music recitals around the world and has performed at numerous international festivals including Ars Musica, Quincena Musical, ZKM Imatronic, Agora Ircam, Bach Academie Brugge, Ultima Oslo, Darmstadt Internationale Ferienkurse, Gaida, Warsaw Autumn, Klara Festival, Festival Forum and Musica Strasbourg.

A tireless surveyor of the repertoire but also an explorer of new combinations combining voice, percussion, performance or electronics, he dedicated himself very early to contemporary music while developing a vast classical repertoire.

He has collaborated with numerous composers such as Frederic Rzewski, James Tenney, Philippe Boesmans, Jean-Luc Fafchamps, Stefan Prins and Matthew Shlomowitz, whose works he created, as well as with choreographers such as Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker (Rosas ) and visual artists.

Stephane Ginsburgh recorded a remarkable complete set of Prokofiev’s Piano Sonatas for Cypres; Feldman, Duchamp, Eastman, Satie, Fafchamps, Rzewski for Sub Rosa. He holds a Master’s degree in music and studied piano with Paul Badura-Skoda, Jerome Lowenthal, Vitaly Margulis and Claude Helffer. Ginsburgh also holds a Bachelor’s degree in philosophy of science from U.L.B. and a PhD in Arts from V.U.B. He is a piano teacher at the Geneva High School of Music.


Thérèse Malengreau (Be)

Thérèse Malengreau performs in recitals and chamber music in most European countries; his repertoire ranges from Bach to contemporary works with a predilection for music from the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries.

The relationships between music, visual arts and literature are at the center of his research and his career, sometimes in close connection with exhibitions and international artistic projects.

CD-books produced with this in mind add to a rich discography of monographic albums including several world premieres, all achievements hailed by international critics.

She is an active researcher in music analysis and aesthetic and she regularly teaches piano as well as history and aesthetic of compared music, arts and literature.


Nuits du Beau Tas - Festival NBT

This intimate, warm and experimental festival presents alternative culture meetings every year , a real prospective cultural offer that will make you discover or find a panel of heterogeneous artists. The programming therefore covers a wide range of genres, ranging from dark and psychedelic rock to the latest contemporary and improvised expressions, passing through electronics.

Pierre-Jean Vranken, former programmer at Botanique, organizes the Nuits du Beau Tas, this “alternative-iconoclastic meeting of a fifty-something tempted by dissidence, from wrestling to contemporary music”…

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