19-03-2015 – Conférence + performance Jason Van Gulick Résonance architecturale

19-03-2015 – Conférence + performance Jason Van Gulick Résonance architecturale

Jason Van Gulick, percusionnist, sound artist (recently presented in Park in progress Mons/City Sonic) will give an illustrated lecture open to all.The architecture as a discipline that links open skill and technical knowledge of materials, urban planning, sociology, design, graphics … makes him to think about how he was going musically evolve and position those elemenets more strongly in places where he plays and eventually he plays.

This lecture is the result of a reflection on the journey of a musician using the space as part of its creation but also allow you to see how music and architecture can complement. Jason Van Gulick also raises awareness about the importance of sound in a building, its qualities and nuisances and the events that it creates. Video examples and musical creations achieved in this context will also show the impact that can have the sound in places and the link that the public can weave through music and to offer a reading of the architectural heritage through sound.

The concert taken place in the beautiful chapel of Belian (adjacent to the Faculty) following the conference show what kind of acoustic event a musician can produce in a place of architecture.


Faculté d’Architecture et d’Urbanisme – Transcultures