10 > 23.12.2018 | Alain Wergifosse – Espace Résonant – Residence

10 > 23.12.2018 | Alain Wergifosse – Espace Résonant – Residence

To prepare his new sound and visual installation in his series Espaces Résonnants that will be presented in the framework of the next edition of La Semaine du Son (Brussels), from 26.01 to 04.02.2019, Alain Wergifosse will be working with a series of mikes and sensors strategically placed in a more or less restricted area. Those mikes and sensors have a controlled reloading system monitored by a sound and visual processing setup.

Resulting an autogenerative composition of imbricated textures interacting with the audience. This composition is audible inside the place and visible from the outside, through the windows. Murmuring, rumors, shadows and reflections, wind and movements are captured in real time to be transformed into sounds and lights.


With the support of Transcultures, in partnership with Project(ion) Room