16.07.2022 | Sonic Garden Party #2 @ Maison villageoise | Hautrage – Saint-Ghislain (Be)

16.07.2022 | Sonic Garden Party #2 @ Maison villageoise | Hautrage – Saint-Ghislain (Be)

This second “Sonic Garden Party” (a nomadic concept initiated several years ago by Transcultures during its City Sonic festival, in various pretty gardens and green spaces temporarily taken over by sound artists) for the Summer 2022 proposed, in partnership with Transcultures and Ad Libitum, as part of the” Summer Cultural Meetings” organized by the Cultural Center of  Saint-Ghislain (near Mons-BE) in several towns and places (indoors/outdoors) to discover in this welcoming entity takes over the center of Hautrage, its 19th century kiosk, the pretty square near of the neo-gothic church as well as the village house.

This convivial audio afternoon for the general public begins at 2 p.m. with Isa*Belle’s Sound Massages on the square, a moment of intimacy and well-being punctuated by the vibrations of Tibetan bowls, gongs, bells and the scents of essential oils.

At 5 p.m., Christophe Bailleau offers, on the central kiosk transformed into a lounge, a new solo set created for the occasion, mixing chiseled grooves and electro textures with dubby, jazzy, tropical, psychedelic flavors.

Between these two performances, a Liège puppet theater will please the youngsters and at the end of the afternoon, at 6 p.m., on the stage of the Maison Villageoise, Guillaume Ledent (joyful multi-instrumentalist chameleon of the Belgian French-speaking musical landscape) invites young and old to “disturb his room” with a sassy pop-rock concert.

14:00 | Isa*Belle - Sound massages

Practiced by shamans in Tibet before Buddhism, recently rediscovered in the West for therapeutic purposes and reinvented, in the form of a performance, by Isa Belle (sound and body artist, senses and sonic vibrations), sound massage uses the bowls Tibetans (of various volumes and various metals producing a variety of rich harmonic range), crystal bowls, bells, mini chimes and mini cymbals, small xylophones and gongs…

These ritual instruments are struck or rubbed on and around the reclining body receiving these good vibrations and emitting them in turn. From this exchange, an impression of well-being and harmony is born. The body becomes a score that receives and emits inner music.


17:00 | Christophe Bailleau | Electro psyche-groovy set

After studying librarianship in Brussels, Christophe Bailleau obtained a Master in Plastic Arts at ERG (School of Graphic Research) in Brussels in 2004. Multidisciplinary artist, Christophe Bailleau has been developing an atypical musical project for more than 15 years. His compositions are based on acoustic sources (guitar, percussions, vocal sounds) triturated and mixed with concrete and domestic sounds. He thus conceives a game of waiting, silence and stormy tension.

With Philippe Franck, he operates within the group Pastoral, and plays with Billy Hasni within the combo Prism. Since 2004, his compositions have been published on various European labels (Stilll, Postcard, Annexia, Fenetre, Soundscaping, Optical Sound, Sacred phrases, Transonic…). He also produces sound poetry for radio stations and installations , he also practices photography and more recently drawing and poetry.

Finally, Christophe makes intriguing and poetic short films, recording lost moments, before or after an action, trying to capture the unspeakable. With the video-musical duo Pastoral, he takes a look that is both surreal and poetic on Walloon imaginaries and resort areas where a form of Lynchian strangeness is hidden. A DVD of his short films dating from before 2008 was published by 68/70 (Brussels) and his films have been shown in many European festivals (Rotterdam, Argos, City Sonic, Les Transnumériques, Videoformes, Dig @ ran…) . His audio and video work is also available in installation..

Les Rencontres Culturelles d'été de Saint-Ghislain

During this Summer 2022, the cultural centre of Saint-Ghislain (BE) presents a series of activities called “Les rencontres culturelles de  St Ghislain” in different places around this town not far from Mons. In partnership with Transcultures and Ad Libitum, 3 Sonic Garden Parties are offered in July and August, as well as workshops (Sonic Kids and creative workshop around bread – one of the thematic threads of this program).