14.03.2017 > 30.06.2017 | RHIZOMatics@LLN – parcours audio poétique géolocatif

14.03.2017 > 30.06.2017 | RHIZOMatics@LLN – parcours audio poétique géolocatif

This Android application for mobile device initiated in favor of the Digital Culture Season of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation in October 2017, was developed by artist/programmer/researcher Franck Soudan (art2.network). RHIZOmatics is an evolving in situ project that offers new features to each presentation, to meet specific needs, or to offer artists/projects that use new creative possibilities.

The literary/fragmentary/poetic contents of this RHIZOMatics@Louvain-la-Neuve were conceived by students from different departments of UCL during workshops supervised by the French novelist and essayist Belinda Cannone at Louvain-La-Neuve. Finally, to the curious, is proposed a geolocatif audio literary journey through several geographical points in the city.

On the occasion of Transnumeriques 2018, the Biennale of Digital Cultures and Scriptures, an additional point of the course was created at the Musée L (where the Digital Scriptures exhibition is presented) as well as new soundscapes that complete the bank of original texts and sounds.


  • concept : Transcultures
  • coordination : Jacques Urbanska
  • artistic and computer programming : Franck Soudan (art2.network)
  • sound creation : Philippe Franck
  • texts : Belinda Cannone, Myriam Delmotte, Maxime Deblander,
    Perrine Estienne, Benoît Lambert, Romuald La Morte, Camille Dasseleer
  • reading/acting : Benjamin Chaval & Laurie Bellanca
  • coaching workshops : Belinda Canone, Myriam Delmotte.


Production : UCL Culture, Transcultures with the support of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation (media arts). In partnership with Lettres en voix association.

Many thanks to Inforville and the Musée L Museum