26.03.2018 | Sound massages – Isa Belle – Arsonic Mons

26.03.2018 | Sound massages – Isa Belle – Arsonic Mons

Practiced by shamans in Tibet before Buddhism, recently rediscovered in the West for therapeutic purposes and reinvented, in the form of performance, by Isa Belle (‘bio glamour’ performer and holistic masseuse) with the complicity of Paradise Now (soundtrack) , the sound massage uses Tibetan bowls (various volumes and various metals producing a variety of rich harmonic range), crystal bowl (recent technology), bells, mini chimes and mini cymbals, small xylophones and gongs …

These ritual instruments are struck or rubbed on and around the elongated body that receives this vibration and broadcasts it in turn. From this exchange, an impression of well-being and harmony is born. The body here becomes a score that receives and transmits an inner music. These sound massages take here in the chapel of silence of Arsonic, the form of a lock of vibrations (for a dozen people) that allow participants to clean up to open physically to a deep listening before the concert Sound Meditation #3 by Ensemble Musiques Nouvelles* that follows in the great hall of Arsonic.

*playing pieces by Gorecki, Pink Floyd, Glass, Purcell, Dowland, Vangelis, Sylvestrov, Ristic, Dessy, Pärt, Frankowski, Quiriny…


production : Transcultures, Transonic Label