30.10.2018 | Lecture Art(s) & Hacktivisme – Jacques Urbanska – Arts2

30.10.2018 | Lecture Art(s) & Hacktivisme – Jacques Urbanska – Arts2

In 1996, Omega, a member of Cult of the Dead Cow, an American group of famous hackers and mass media “Do it yourself,” proposed the portmanteau word ‘hacktivism’ to describe computer hacking for political purposes. Almost immediately, the neologism, derived from the terms “hacking” and “activism”, spread like wildfire. Today, at a time when technology makes the power, where the actual or potential drift of technologies are proportional to our lack of understanding of the latter, it is normal to see more and more voices questioning this world and its artifacts. And among these are naturally found activists, creators, artists, makers, and especially individuals claiming inter/transdisciplinary or refusing any label…

This introductory lecture, illustrated by numerous examples, will question these crossings, these relations (or non-relationship) between art and politics. It will focus on a hybrid artistic creation, mixing arts and sciences, and which tends to push again the borders of the concept of artwork.

Jacques Urbanska (Be) has a background of comedian and theatre director and since a few years, has become a multimedia artist. He is in charge of digital arts projects at Transcultures.

*visual : Bitsoil Popup Tax & Hack Campaign / LarbitsSisters